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4.8 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
4.8 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
How To Choose The Right Duvet For You: Duvet Buying Guide

How To Choose The Right Duvet For You: Duvet Buying Guide

"How do I choose the right duvet for me?" It's a question we hear all the time at The Fine Bedding Company. We understand that selecting the ideal duvet can be quite a conundrum. With our extensive range of duvet sizes and options, including Smart Temperature, Breathe, Spundown, and Coverless, the choices can be overwhelming. After all, investing in the right duvet is essential, considering we spend a third of our lives cosying up in bed.

In this guide, we'll help you put those decision-making dilemmas to rest, ensuring you make an informed and confident choice. So, let's dive in and discover the perfect duvet that suits you best.

Looking For Duvet Tog Information? 

When it comes to choosing the right duvet Tog, consider the season and your comfort needs. For summertime, opt for a lower Tog, typically around 4.5. As spring and autumn bring varying temperatures, a slightly higher Tog of about 10.5 is ideal. For the chilly winter months, go even higher with a 13.5 Tog duvet.

If you're seeking more information on duvet togs, we've prepared a dedicated Duvet Tog Guide just for you. In it, we demystify what the tog rating means and guide you on selecting the best rating for each season.

Need To Know How To Wash Your Duvet?

If you're wondering about the best way to wash your duvet, we've got you covered with a separate Easy Cleaning Guide. Inside, we provide comprehensive instructions on properly and safely washing duvets of different kinds.

Which Duvet Filling Is Right For Me? 

Once you've settled on the perfect Tog rating, the next decision on your duvet-buying journey is selecting the right filling. Fibre-filled or natural? Your choice can greatly impact your comfort, and since we all have unique preferences, it's essential to ask, "Which filling is best for me?" The Fine Bedding Company has a wide range of materials and technologies in its duvets to appeal to everyone, but they generally fall into two categories: synthetic materials and natural naturals. 

Benefits Of Synthetic Fibre-filled Duvets

  • Anti-allergy properties ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Easy to wash at home.
  • Ideal for those who prefer lighter duvets.
  • Offers technical benefits such as added breathability.

 [Shop Fibre-Filled Duvets]


At The Fine Bedding Company, we take immense pride in our innovative products, constantly pushing the boundaries to introduce new technologies. Our duvets are no exception. The majority of our synthetic duvets feature our signature filling: Smartfil®. This ultra-lightweight filling provides the same level of warmth as its heavier counterparts.

Our duvets consist of more Smartfil® layers compared to cheaper hollow-fibre alternatives. This design traps more air, providing superior warmth, a luxurious "wrapped up" feeling, and a graceful drape to your bedding. Even after multiple washes, our duvet fibres maintain their silky softness and never deteriorate.



Two duvets of the same tog: Smartfil® duvet (left) and generic hollow fibre duvet (right). 


Did You Know? 

If regulating your body temperature at night is a challenge, you're not alone. In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of our customers emphasised temperature management when selecting a duvet. For those who value temperature control, our Breathe duvet, containing Modal in its filling, is the ideal choice. Modal, derived from wood pulp sourced from self-sustaining forests, is a cellulosic fibre like cotton. These fibres excel at absorbing and dispersing body heat, keeping you cool at night for a restful sleep.

[Shop Fibre-Filled Duvets]


Benefits Of Natural Duvets

  • Highly breathable.
  • Long life span.
  • Ideal for those who prefer a heavier duvet.

[Shop Natural Duvets]


Synthetic Or Natural Duvet Filling? 

While many may assume that fibre-filled duvets outperform their natural counterparts, we at The Fine Bedding Company believe that natural fillings deserve more credit. Duvets with natural fillings are generally more breathable, making them suitable for year-round use. Additionally, they tend to outlast fibre-filled duvets due to the resilience of feathers and down, particularly when it comes to washing. Natural duvets tend to be heavier, making them an excellent choice if you prefer some weight in your duvet.


Discover Our Natural Duvets

By considering your preferences and focusing on your comfort needs, you can confidently select the perfect duvet filling that suits you best. At The Fine Bedding Company, we're not just about offering quality products; we're dedicated to your comfort and the environment.


Find Your Perfect Duvet

Now you know how to choose the right duvet, you can start exploring our duvet collections. Take advantage of our free mainland UK delivery on orders over £75.


Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your bedding posts. 

November 23, 2023 — Sleep Expert
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How To Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn: Autumn Bedding

How To Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn: Autumn Bedding Refresh

As autumn arrives with its colder, darker, and longer nights, it’s time to embrace the season of woolly jumpers, hot drinks, movie nights on the sofa, and Halloween treats. At The Fine Bedding Company, we’ve been hard at work expanding our range with new products, prints, colours, and textures. With the change of the season, it’s the perfect time to stow away your summer bedding, refresh your bedroom, and infuse it with autumnal charm.


Stay Warm With High Tog Duvets

Firstly, if you’re still snuggled under your lightweight 4.5 tog summer duvet, it’s time to consider a higher tog option, such as 10.5 or 13.5 Tog. As autumn ushers in chillier temperatures, staying cosy is a must. Here are our recommednations:

Boutique Silk Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

A luxury blend of 100% pure silk threads and Smartfil® fibres for an ultra-soft, hotel-quality feel. 

Boutique Silk Duvet 13.5 Tog

Goose Feather & Down Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

Naturally warm and breathable, our Downpass-cetified natural fill duvet is perfect for those who enjoy a 'tucked-in' feeling as they drift off to sleep. 

Goose Feather & Down Duvet 13.5 Tog

Spundown Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

Geneoursly filled with our warm and lightweight Smartfil fibres and easily compressible and homewashable.

Spundown Duvet

Top tip: Opt for a 10.5 Tog duvet and use your 4.5 Tog summer duvet as a throw on the end of the bed for those particulalry cold nights.

If you’re curious about tog ratings, why they’re important, and the right choice for each season, explore our comprehensive Duvet Tog Guide.


Autumn & Winter Prints: Discover New & Limited Edition Coverless Duvet & Throw Prints

Introducing three exquisite Limited Edition prints, just in time for blissful lie-ins and movie nights on the sofa. Our collection features Classic Tartan, Festive Forest, and Winter Penguins.

Classic Tartan is a timeless design that brings richness to any room. With intersecting stripes in various colours, it creates a pattern of squares and rectangles reminiscent of the traditional Scottish textile design often associated with kilts.

Classic Tartan Coverless Duvet

 Transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland with Festive Forest, a Nordic-inspired landscape featuring snow, pine trees, reindeer, and warm homesteads. Perfect for those who can't resist getting into the festive spirit.

Festive Forest

 Embrace the chill with our Winter Penguin print, boasting a soft-grey palette and charming penguin families to remind you of the true spirit of Christmas.

Winter Penguin

And an added bonus: all our Coverless Duvets come in a lovely, reusable duffle bag for easy storage.

Night Lark Duffle Bag


Feels Like Autumn: All-New Duvet Textures

Texture and materials play an important role in making bedding an enjoyable sensory experience. We understand everyone has their own preferences, so we’ve added a range of new textures.

The Seersucker Coverless Duvet features classic Seersucker stripes with alternating patterns, exuding an elegant and understated look. Choose from Polar White, Meadow Green, and Nordic Mist Grey to match your decor.

Seersucker Covereless Duvet
Feel the irresistible texture of our Tufted Dots Coverless Duvet, adorned with charming dots that effortlessly add autumn style to any bedroom. Available in Warm Sand and Dusk Blue, it's a simple yet effective way to revamp your space.

Tufted Dots Coverless Duvet

Finally, our Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet boasts a wonderfully tactile, tight-knit waffle texture that feels warm and cosy, especially on those cold autumn nights. Select from Grey and Navy to match your preferences. We even have matching Cotton Waffle Pillowcases to compelte your bed’s texture.

Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet


We've also launched our Limited Edition Wild Leopard, Monochrome Garden, Bohemian Geo prints. 


All of our Coverless Duvets are generously filled with Smartfil® fibres, offering an extraordinarily lightweight yet warm feel. These hypoallergenic and ultra-compressible fibres maintain their shape and quality wash after wash.

With these exciting additions, you can effortlessly transition your bedroom into an autumn haven of comfort and style.


All-New Dyes: Pair With Our Pillows

Our Night Lark Plain Dye Pillowcases perfectly complement our Night Lark Coverless Duvets. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Available in five charming colours: Polar White, Nordic Mist Grey, Meadow Green, Dusk Blue, and Warm Sand.

Night Lark Plain Dye Pillowcase


Ready To Elevate Your Bedding For Autumn?

Embrace the season and give your bedding a fresh update. Explore our selection of new and limited edition prints and textures, you're sure to discover the perfect autumn style for your bedroom.

Click here to browse our collection of higher tog duvets designed to keep you warm throughout the autumn and winter months.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your autumn bedroom styling for a chance to be featured.


October 23, 2023 — Sleep Expert
Find The Right Duvet Tog For You: Duvet Tog Guide

Find The Right Duvet Tog For You: Duvet Tog Guide

When you're in the market for a new duvet, understanding your specific needs is crucial. Finding the perfect duvet can be a daunting task, but fear not, as we're here to provide you with a comprehensive duvet tog guide to help you make the right choice.


Deciphering The Tog Rating: What Does Tog Mean?

Contrary to common belief, the Tog rating isn't an indicator of a duvet's thickness or quality. Rather, it's a measure used to gauge the thermal insulation capacity of a material. In simpler terms, it tells you how warm a duvet is. The rule of thumb is straightforward: the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. However, to truly grasp which duvet suits your needs, let's delve deeper. At Fine Bedding Company, our duvets range from 4.5 Tog to 13.5 Tog.


4.5 Tog Duvet: Ideal For Summer 

Summer nights call for a lighter duvet since higher temperatures mean less insulation is required. The perfect choice for this season is the 4.5 Tog duvet. A handy way to remember this is: as temperatures rise, go for a lower Tog rating. Most of our duvets come in 4.5 Tog options, but our Breathe Duvet stands out for summer use. It incorporates Modal, a natural fibre derived from wood pulp, which helps regulate temperature by wicking away moisture, keeping you cool on hot summer nights. However, if you tend to get chilly, even in summer, consider a 7 Tog duvet for added warmth.

Duvet Tog


Selecting The Right Tog Rating For Spring And Autumn: 7 or 10.5 Tog

Spring and autumn bring cooler temperatures, but it's not quite freezing yet. During these transitional seasons, a duvet with a Tog rating of either 7 or 10.5 is your best bet, depending on your susceptibility to cold. If you tend to run warm, a 7 Tog duvet should suffice.

Our Spundown Duvet, available in 7 Tog, is both lightweight and plush, retaining its shape after each wash.

Alternatively, our Boutique Silk Duvet, with a 10.5 Tog rating, offers luxurious comfort and is easy to clean, making it ideal for those who tend to sweat on warmer nights.


13.5 Tog Duvet: Embrace The Winter Chill

As winter approaches and the temperature drops, it's time to opt for a higher Tog rating. A 13.5 Tog duvet will keep you cozy during the coldest months. However, if you're not particularly sensitive to the cold, a 10.5 Tog duvet can also provide ample warmth. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. There's nothing quite like snuggling under a warm duvet after a chilly day.


The 4 Seasons Duvet

For those seeking a versatile option that can be used year-round, the 4 seasons duvet is the way to go. This duvet consists of a 9 Tog and a 4.5 Tog duvet, which can be combined to create a toasty 13.5 Tog duvet for winter. Purchasing the entire set at once can save you money on your duvet purchase. Our Spundown Duvet is available in the 4 seasons warmth variant. If nighttime sweating is a concern, the Breathe Duvet is an innovative choice as it effectively regulates temperature.



Shop Breathe Duvet


Make Your Choice

Now that you're well-versed in the world of Tog ratings, selecting the right duvet for yourself should be a breeze. If you still have doubts or need expert advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always delighted to assist you in finding the perfect duvet to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

September 20, 2023 — Sleep Expert
How to wash a duvet: blue duvet spilling out of washing machine

How To Wash A Duvet: Easy Cleaning Guide

We often neglect duvets when it comes to washing bedding. While we regularly wash bed linens, we tend to forget to wash duvets or see it as a daunting task, especially during the annual spring clean. Who wants to carry a bulky duvet to the washing machine or laundrette?

However, washing duvets is easier than you might think, especially with the new highly washable duvets available on the market. Here is The Fine Bedding Company’s easy guide on how to wash a duvet.

We’ll cover:

  1. Can I wash a duvet?
  2. How to clean a duvet
  3. How to dry a duvet


Can I Wash My Duvet?

how to wash a duvet - woman putting duvet in washing machine

Yes, you can and should wash your duvet. While your pyjamas and bed sheets are the first line of defence, dirt still builds up in your duvet over time.

Washing your duvet is essential for keeping it a hygienic place for you to sleep. One of the biggest pests is dust mites – microscopic mites that can be present in their thousands. They live on the dead skin cells we shed in bed. It’s also estimated that we sweat out about 200ml every night – passing beyond the humble sheet. Washing helps cleanse the product of any accumulated dirt, moisture, and dust; it keeps it hygienic and refreshes the filling. More importantly, washing at 60°C kills dust mites. If people have allergies or asthma, dust mites can make symptoms worse.

Alternatively, our Allergy Defence Duvet is self-cleaning. It uses active probiotics to defend against the four most common allergens: pollen, cat, dog, and dust mite matter. For complete allergy protection, our Allergy Defence collection also includes a also offer a Pillow, Pillow Protector, and Mattress Protector.


Allergy Defence Duvet


Can I Put My Duvet In The Washing Machine?

Always check the label. Most duvets can be washed in the washing machine. However, some duvets may require a hand-wash or specialist washing methods. Just make sure your duvet can fit in your washing machine.

How Often Should I Wash My Duvet?

We recommend a duvet wash every few months (particularly for allergy sufferers) or at least twice a year.

Can I Wash A Feather Down Duvet?

Yes, you can wash a feather down duvet. However, we recommend following the instructions on the label. We’ve written a separate guide for feather down duvets. 


How To Wash A Feather Down Duvet


How To Clean A Duvet

The first thing you need to do when washing a duvet is check if it has natural (feather/down) or man-made fibre filling as this will determine which cleaning method to use.

How To Wash Synthetic Duvets

  • Care Labels: Check the care labels on synthetic products for the best washing instructions. As a general guide, the best synthetic products can be washed at 60°C.
  • Follow Care Label Instructions: Wash the duvet at the highest temperature recommended on the care label.
  • Ensure Proper Fit: Make sure your duvet fits into the washing machine with enough room for the fabric and fibres to agitate and get thoroughly clean. For larger togs and sizes like 13.5 tog king and super kingsize duvets, it's recommended to use a large capacity machine. Most modern washing machines now have a high-capacity drum as standard. Unlike some other products on the market, all size and tog rating options of Spundown duvets will fit into a standard 7kg drum.

View Spundown Duvet


How to Wash Natural Duvets

  • Handle with Care: Natural duvets require special attention and it's highly recommended to opt for specialist cleaning.
  • Feather-Filled Products: Feather-filled duvets can be washed at home, but be aware that the machine capacity may not be large enough, and they take longer to dry compared to products with a man-made siliconised filling like Smartfil® which repels water.
  • Thorough Drying is Essential: Proper drying is absolutely crucial for natural duvets. Even if a duvet feels dry to the touch, the filling inside often retains moisture. Failure to dry the duvet thoroughly can lead to the rotting of the filling. 
    • Use a tumble dryer. 
    • Add tumble dryer balls.
    • Leave out to dry on a sunny day for several hours to ensure complete dryness.

By handling natural duvets with care, ensuring appropriate drying, and considering specialist cleaning options, you can maintain the quality and longevity of your natural duvets.

How To Get Stains Out Of My Duvet?

Mop up any excess liquid as soon as possible. Try and move as much of the filling away from the area you need to clean and tie the area off with an elastic band. Dab (don’t rub) the stain with cold water (hot will set the stain) and add a mild detergent or a specialist stain removal product for more stubborn stains.

Should I Dry Clean My Duvet?

Dry cleaning isn’t advised as it uses chemicals that can affect the filling and be detrimental to your health. Professional cleaning is different as it’s a specialist version of washing at home. See how independent experts test the washability of a duvet.

How To Dry A Duvet?

Now that you’ve washed your duvet, it’s time to dry it. You must completely dry your duvet before putting it back on your bed as moisture can cause mildew to form and damage natural fillings.

How to dry a duvet without a dryer

You can dry your duvet naturally by placing it outside on a sunny day or in a warm room. Natural drying can take longer than tumble drying depending on the weather and airflow, but is the more eco-friendly choice. If you do choose to tumble dry your duvet, we advise using a cooler setting where possible. 

Our Night Owl Coverless Duvet is exceptionally quick to dry. Our Linen and Herringbone duvets can be dried and back on the bed in as little as 90 minutes, and our Cotton Waffle duvets in 120 minutes.


Now You Can Care For Your Duvet

Washing a duvet is easy with our duvet cleaning guide. We hope you have everything you need to enjoy better sleep in fresh bedding.

For more helpful bedding advice, explore The Fine Bedding Company blog. If you have any questions, please get in touch here.

August 08, 2023 — Sleep Expert
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Woman who is too hot to sleep opening bedroom curtains

Too Hot To Sleep: Temperature Control Bedding For Staying Cool At Night

Woman opens bedroom curtains: too hot to sleep

Feeling too hot to sleep? As summer temperatures soar across the UK, getting restful sleep can be a challenge. You’re tossing and turning in bed, soaked in sweat, waking up feeling drowsy - it’s an all too familiar struggle. 

July 11, 2023 — Sleep Expert
The Definitive Guide on How to Sleep Well in the Heat

The Definitive Guide on How to Sleep Well in the Heat

The definitive guide on how to sleep well in heat

Here in England, the highest temperatures ever recorded occurred last summer. And the summer we’re now entering is forecast to be another scorcher. High temperatures challenge our health in many ways, including how well we sleep, which can lead to daytime impairments such as fatigue.

June 01, 2023 — Greg Potter (PhD, MSc, BSc)
What Are The 12 Crystals We Use In Our De-Stress Biocrystal Bedding?

What Are The 12 Crystals We Use In Our De-Stress Biocrystal Bedding?

Did you know that people who have worked with crystals believe that the stones hold a line of frequency that emit vibrations? In fact, working with specific crystals will see that your body realigns in order to match the vibrations of the crystal. More and more people nowadays have become interested in the power that crystal healing holds, particularly when that comes to how they can implement gem use into their day-to-day lives. In this article, we will be introducing you to our new Biocrystal® Bedding, explaining which crystals we use and the benefits that come with using this style of a duvet. 

All You Need To Know About Our Biocrystal® Bedding

If you haven’t already heard, we are adding Biocrystal® bedding to our range of luxury sheets, duvets, pillows, and other sleeping accessories. Biocrystal® is a 100% natural mixture of crystals chosen according to their benefits and placed into your bedding to make you feel relaxed.  

Biocrystal® technology has been scientifically validated and works extremely well when placed nearby your bed whilst you try to fall asleep. In fact, studies have shown that crystals as a component, can radiate their powers up to a distance of 50cm and can push the body to its optimal state by providing the optimal vibrations to the cells, raising overall energy in the body.

Rose quartz sleeping

What Crystals We Use In Our Bedding

In our new range of bedding, we use 16 different types of crystals that are 100% naturally and fully immersed into our luxury fabric, through a process of printing in a subtle pattern. In our latest Biocrystal® bedding, we use:

  • Quartz
  • Amethyst 
  • Citrine
  • Shungite
  • Fluorite
  • Red Jasper
  • Orange Calcite
  • Aragonite
  • Aventurine
  • Sodalite
  • Onyx
  • Selenite
  • Tourmaline
  • Pink Quartz
  • Heliotrope
  • Serpentine

The Benefits of Biocrystal® Bedding

Crystals and their powerful properties have been discussed for years, with many people using them to heal certain ailments, attract certain energy, and even, fall asleep. Research has confirmed that Biocrystal® technology can actually calm your heartbeat down, slow and rapid breathing, and relaxes the muscle tension. In summary, this leads to a reduction of stress and significantly improves sleep. On top of this, when implemented in bedding foam, a mattress, or any type of furniture, crystals can provide increased oxygen levels, as well as encourage both your body and mind to relax faster. 

June 06, 2022 — Sleep Expert
Spring Has Sprung: Get Ready For Warmer Weather By Switching To A Lighter Tog Duvet

Spring Has Sprung: Get Ready For Warmer Weather By Switching To A Lighter Tog Duvet

It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for that warmer weather. A relief for those summer lovers and an ideal time excuse to switch up from your winter wardrobe but also your winter bedroom, into something more weather appropriate. 

The question is though, what tog duvet does my winter bedding need changing to now the days are getting warmer? With a vast array of duvets on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which one is a spring duvet and which is a summer duvet. Is a different duvet tog for a different season necessary? Fear not, at The Fine Bedding Company we know all things duvet, Sleep Experts are here to inform you on everything bedding  related and how to get the optimal night’s sleep - no matter the season!

What Does Duvet Tog Mean? 

When shopping around for a duvet, you may find that the word tog springs up everywhere!  The term ultimately means insulation. A tog is essentially how effectively the duvet insulates heat, using numbers around the word tog to define the measurement of heat insulation the scale can range from 1, being very cool and lightweight to 15 being the warmest. Achieving a perfect balance of insulation for the seasons can be key to an efficient and restful night's sleep. With all of the alternating factors that come with getting that recommended seven to eight hours of shut eye, sometimes your sleeping arrangements need to be replenished or swapped out depending on the season. With fluctuating temperature influencing our sleeping schedule it's important to re-evaluate your bedding often.  It can be difficult to maintain balance when it comes to the seasons, the shift in temperatures, as well as keeping to your  stylistic values, such as your favourite materials, aesthetic and the style of your duvet cover.

Here at The Fine Bedding Company we include a duvet tog guide on all duvets, which highlights the tog scale suited for the different seasons. This takes out all the guess work when it comes to purchasing your next seasonal duvet. For instance, our Goose Feather & Down Duvet, would typically be associated the cold winter months because of the down and goose feather properties. However, at The Fine Bedding Company we offer it for all seasons with the scale of tog demonstrated clearly on the website. Perfect for a winter lover that prefers a heavy duvet cover or for that ultimate snug feeling even in the summer months. 

What Duvet Is Best For Spring? 

As we approach spring, it's the perfect time to prepare and pack away your winter duvet and upgrade to your lighter bedding. To achieve said balance, comes with knowledge of what tog to switch up your bed to that fits alongside your interiors and your preference on duvet weight and quality. With the tog season guide on all duvets at The Fine Bedding Company, shopping for your springtime essentials can be a breeze. 

With spring duvets being available on most of our duvet range at Fine Bedding, you can afford to be picky on the elements and stylistic qualities you want in a duvet. A perfect example of a spring duvet would be the 10.5 togs Spundown Duvet with mid-range heat insulation matched alongside its advanced Smartfil® fibres; it is the ideal plump duvet for a restful springtime sleep. With the kick start of hay fever season, the Hypoallergenic qualities in this duvet mean that the pillow or duvet is less likely to trigger allergies in the months when the idea of sneezing less is music to your ears. 

What Duvet Cover Is Best For Summer? 

When searching for a duvet in summer, judging which duvet you may need for a restful night's sleep can be a bit of a chore. Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we recommend seasonal duvet togs to make life that little bit easier when shopping. With an array of options to suit those warmer summer months, mixed alongside breathability but also extreme luxury, there are plenty to choose from. 

For summer our Breath Duvet can be an ideal fit to match the summer season, with temperature-controlled comfort and Smartfil® technology it’s an ideal summer companion. Including a special ingredient called Modal, derived from natural wood pulp, the Breath Duvet is exceptionally breathable, perfect for matching the heat fluctuations through the summer months. However, if in summer you are searching for that extra slice of luxury, Fine Beddings' array of duvets won't fall short of your expectations. With Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet available in a summer 4.5 tog, the summer months will feel constant five-star resort. With the duvet consisting of A1 Grade material. An internationally acknowledged standard, known as the very best quality filling in the world when it comes to a duvet cover. The duvet is guaranteed to be the comfiest quality ever experienced - trust us on that!  


March 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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All Mums Want For Mother's Day 2022 Is A Good Night's Sleep

All Mums Want For Mother's Day 2022 Is A Good Night's Sleep

March means one thing, well two, warmer days and longer nights but also Mothers Day! A time when all mothers want is a bit of peace and quiet when it comes to the relaxation they need. It can be tricky picking out a present that signifies all that you're thankful for, however here at The Fine Bedding Company we believe that one luxury is a well-rested peaceful night's sleep. So in this article, we’ll discuss all aspects at The Fine Bedding Company we know will ensure maximum comfort alongside a perfect breakfast in bed setup for the big day and a celebration of a peaceful rest. Providing that simple four step breakdown to ensure maximum comfort to treat your mum to on Mothers Day, a bedding delight when it comes to finding luxury. 

  1. Luxury Duvet Upgrade 

Gift your mum a lifetime of pure luxury with one of the best and most luxurious duvet covers in the world, Fine Bedding Company’s Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet . With this certified A1 Grade standard, it is internationally acknowledged to be one of the best. Perfectly matched to wow your mum away on Mother’s Day and a simple solution to the most restful night's sleep. With its 100% Hungarian Goose Down and 420 thread count on silky-soft cotton sateen, it's the ultimate slice of luxury for anyone this Mother's Day. At The Fine Bedding Company we want everyone to endure this luxury so we’ve made it in all sizes; single, double, king, and super king. As well as that, with the warmer seasons approaching this down duvet is also available in a spring and summer tog alongside seasonal tog guide to make it easier than ever to decide your bedtime temperature. 

Gold Hungarian Goose Down DuvetShop Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

2. Gift A Revolutionary Night Owl

When it comes to ultimate comfort, we can’t go anywhere without mentioning the cosy comfort of a lightweight, soft-touch Night Owl duvet. This ultimate no-sheet duvet cover is a revelation when it comes to saving time and money on duvet sheets. Eliminating fitting and washing the duvet sheet from your mum's to-do list with a big sigh of relief, this coverless Night Owl Herringbone is ideal for the whole family. With its re-imagination of the traditional duvet, it adds a level of convenience your mum will absolutely adore, being machine washable and dryable in such 90 minutes. It will be good as new and it takes convenience to a whole other level. Available in 3 colours; Storm Grey, Fjord Blue and French Plum, it's perfectly suited to any style, and with its waves of texture is a stylistic option for a bedroom rebrand into spring. 

Shop Night Owl

3. Jazz Up The Bedroom With Luxury Accessories 

Nothing screams luxury like a lot of fancy cushions on the bed, especially those with gold details that resemble an expensive fine art painting. With its emerald green and gold foiled qualities our Emerald Green Cushion with Gold Detail abstract cushion will add a luxury touch to any bed or living space. With its plump polyester fibre pad, it provides maximum comfort for that Mothers Day snooze or a perfect backdrop for that well-deserved breakfast in bed on the big day! 

Shop Emerald Green Cushions

4. Level Up The Comfort 

In order to achieve a restful night's sleep a lot of it results in a restful surface to lie in, one where you sink into rather than manoeuvring to try and not get poked by the springs. With this Dual Layer Mattress Topper it’s a perfect solution to level up comfort without the fuss, or the chore of buying an expensive new mattress, why not give your mum the next best thing? A luxury mattress topper, one that easily fits onto the existing mattress and revolutionizes the comfort of a night's sleep. Providing that extra layer of comfort to any mattress, Fine Bedding Company’s Dual Layer Mattress Topper is guaranteed to fill your mum with joy about her restful night's sleep to come. With its zip, it's just as easy to clean and convenient to fit as any duvet cover. A perfect gift to wrap and surprise your mum with this Mother's Day! 

Dual Layer Mattress TopperShop Dual Layer Mattress Toppers

March 11, 2022 — Sleep Expert
3 Easy Ways To Put On a Duvet Cover

3 Easy Ways To Put On a Duvet Cover

When it comes to changing our duvet covers, it can be such a chore for something that sounds like such a simple task, it can bring such difficulty, leaving you in a hot and frustrating flush. However, we're here to save you! When it comes to perfecting the technique there are numerous solutions at hand. However, we're here to save you!
March 10, 2022 — Sleep Expert
We Rate Our 3 Most Luxurious Duvets

We Rate Our 3 Most Luxurious Duvets

We all want a comfortable night’s sleep and what duvet you are using can really affect this. Our sleep experts know all the considerations that go into purchasing the correct duvet, such as tog rating and filling choices, which can make this task all the more daunting. Whether or not you have considered swapping out your duvet or are in the market for a new one, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be rating our top luxury duvets as well as discussing the difference between the fillings, feather and down. 

Difference Between Feather and Down Duvet

You may have heard of both feather and down duvets, but what is the difference between the two? The type of filling used is all down to where it’s found on the goose or duck. 

The feathers of these birds are extremely soft and are typically larger and much heavier than the down. As well as this, the shape of the feathers is also generally longer and more flat, meaning that you will have to use more feathers to fill a duvet than down. 

The ‘Down’ of a duck or goose is the soft under plumage which keeps the bird warm and dry. This acts as a layer of insulation, which goes beneath the feathers and is typically much fluffier and comes in small clusters.

You will find that duvets can be filled with either feathers or down as each gives a different effect and level of comfort. Down clusters have a natural spring back, which makes them a more supportive choice, as well as acting as a better insulator. Whereas a feather duvet is great for offering a more breathable filling. If you are someone who gets warm during the night, then having a duvet such as one filled with goose down could not be the best option. Swapping out your regular duvet for a feather one could be a great solution to keeping you cool throughout the night.

What is Special About Hungarian Goose Down?

So, what is so special about Hungarian Goose Down? If you are in the market for a luxury goose down duvet, we couldn’t recommend the Hungarian Goose Down products more highly. If you didn’t already know, Hungary is one of the world’s main sources of goose down, as they produce some of the highest quality bed filling around. When purchasing a duvet with this filling, you should expect a high-quality and comfortable duvet, which provides lightweight comfort alongside top notch heat insulation, which you just can’t beat! 

Without much further ado, let’s get into our top picks for favourite luxury duvets…

The Bronze Goose Down Duvet

Introducing the Bronze Goose Down duvet! If you’re thinking about switching out your normal duvet for a more luxurious one, may we recommend this opulent one? Covered in luxurious cotton, which only adds more natural indulgence, this duvet is guaranteed to include 90% Goose Down and 10% Goose Feather, all contained in a 280 thread count soft cotton cambric cover. 

In addition, this duvet has been internally certified as ethically sourced! Which means that you can sleep the night away, knowing that you are doing the best for the environment whilst also being super comfy!

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The Silver Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Next up, we have our Silver Collection Hungarian Goose Down duvet, which with it’s 90%, ethically sourced goose down filling is one of our plumpest and softest duvets to date. The filling is  also encased in a beautifully patterned cover which will add a final touch of elegance to any room. Also, this duvet is guaranteed to include 90% Hungarian Goose Down and 10% Hungarian Goose Feather, which along with it’s 300 thread count ultra fine cotton sateen cover, this naturally soft and indulgent duvet will have you dreaming the night away in style.

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The Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

If you’re looking for the gold standard when it comes to luxury duvets, you couldn’t get better than our Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet. Not only is this product made with your comfort in mind, our Gold Collection Hungarian Goose Down duvets has been certified A1 Grade, meaning it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best quality fillings in the world. Made with 100% Hungarian Goose Down and 420 thread count, this duvet will offer you the ultimate in comfort and luxury, but it drapes wonderfully around the body and is encased in silk-like cotton sateen. 

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January 20, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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Coverless Duvets

Why Easy Clean Coverless Duvets Are The Future Of Bedding

If you have never heard of a coverless duvet before, we must warn you, because your life is about to change. But don’t worry, it’s all for the better, because once you have discovered the existence of coverless duvets, you will never want to go back to normal duvets. You are probably all too familiar with the endless struggle of getting your duvet cover on. Even Oprah herself struggles with her duvet covers, that says enough! It’s time for a change. We introduce: the coverless Night Owl duvet. A comfortable, practical duvet that will make laundry day fun and make your nights long and peaceful. That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

How Does a Coverless Duvet Work?

You may be wondering… a coverless duvet, how does that work? And above all, how is that hygienic? Well, the funny thing is that coverless duvets might actually be more hygienic than regular duvets with cover sheets. Unlike regular duvets, it can easily be popped in the washing machine at home. That means you don’t only get a fresh cover, but an entirely fresh duvet! Just imagine how wonderful the first night under the freshly washed coverless duvet would feel. A duvet without covers combines the best of two worlds, as it’s both comfortable and practical. The days of sweating like a pig trying to get your duvet covers on are finally over; washing day has never been this easy.

Night Owl JuniorShop Coverless Duvets


Lightweight Winter Bedding

The Night Owl Duvet is available in a summer 4.5 tog but can also be used as a winter duvet as it comes in a 10.5 tog too. If you easily get hot during the night, you may want to opt for lightweight winter bedding instead of sleeping 13 togs of feather and down. While it can be super cosy, it may not be your best choice if you easily get hot, even during the winter. The Night Owl duvets are the perfect lightweight duvets as the 10.5 tog provides enough warmth whilst also remaining breathable. No more night sweats, say hello to a peaceful night’s sleep!

Easy Clean Kids Bedding

A coverless duvet such as the Night Owl may be the best duvet for kids out there. Why, you ask? Because it’s easy to clean, super comfortable and can easily be dragged around from the bed to the sofa and back. Do we really need to say more? Washing your bedding can be a tedious task, especially if you have children because you are probably changing their bed sheets more often than you’d like to. By the end of the day, you will have been to war and back with all the duvet covers and once the kids are in bed, they're complaining about the duvet slipping down the cover. Argh! 

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The fun part about the Night Owl duvets is that they come in different colours. Whether your kids (or you) want a green, blue, pink or classic white duvet, the options are endless. Grab yourself a pair of matching pillowcases to complete the picture. If a pop of colour isn’t enough and your kid has been dreaming of starry bedding for months, then the Night Owl Junior set will definitely put a smile on their faces. As this duvet comes with a grey and white design with a starry print, it will make their wildest dreams come true. And maybe, your dreams might too once they sleep a lot better! After all, a kid that sleeps well makes for a happy parent, right? 

December 03, 2021 — Sleep Expert