Feeling too hot to sleep? As summer temperatures soar across the UK, getting restful sleep can be a challenge. You’re tossing and turning in bed, soaked in sweat, waking up feeling drowsy - it’s an all too familiar struggle. 

Don’t worry. We have the solution to help you tackle the heat and reclaim your peaceful nights: temperature control bedding. 

Introducing the Breathe® and Smart Temperature® collections by The Fine Bedding Company. Engineered with innovative materials and technologies, our dedicated temperature control collections have been specifically designed for sleeping in the heat, boasting exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool at night

By investing in bedding that is specially designed to keep you cool, you can finally enjoy restorative sleep even on the hottest nights. 

We’ll cover:

  • How Heat Ruins Sleep
  • Temperature Control Bedding
  • Embrace Cool And Restful Nights


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How Heat Ruins Sleep

Before we explore our summer bedding solutions, let’s first understand how heat disrupts your sleep. Temperature plays a vital role in ensuring restful sleep and profoundly impacts your circadian rhythm and overall well-being.

As bedtime approaches, your core body temperature naturally decreases from its daytime level of around 37 degrees Celsius to approximately 35 or 36 degrees Celsius. This drop in temperature is crucial for initiating sleep.

The optimal temperature range for a bedroom is between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius. However, many UK homes are not designed to maintain a cool environment during the summer months. Our well-insulated homes tend to trap excessive heat, preventing our core body temperatures from adequately cooling down for optimal sleep.

Consequently, this can lead to uncomfortable night sweats and disturbances in the deep sleep stage, which is essential for restorative rest. 

If you want to know how to sleep in hot weather and delve deeper into the science behind sleep, we recommend reading our article How To Sleep Well In Heat by Dr. Greg Potter (PhD, MSc, BSc).

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Our Temperature Control Bedding Collections

Now, let's explore the bedding options that will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable if you’re too hot to sleep this summer.

For a more optimal summer sleep experience, we highly recommend opting for a 4.5 tog duvet. This lightweight tog rating is specifically designed for hot nights, ensuring breathability and minimal heat retention. It will keep you comfortably cool without compromising on cosiness.

Introducing Breathe®: The Ultimate Temperature Control Bedding

Experience temperature regulation and comfort with our innovative Breathe® bedding collection. Specially crafted to align with your body's natural temperature needs, Breathe® offers a tranquil sleep without compromising on cosiness.

But how does Breathe® do it? Breathe® harnesses the power of innovative materials and technologies. 

Smartfil®: One of these materials is Smartfil®, our patented and advanced fibre used in our premium synthetic duvets and pillows. Smartfil® delivers the same cosy warmth as a traditional down duvet, but its fibres are exceptionally fine, making it incredibly lightweight and breathable.

Modal: Our filling is a blend of Smartfil® and Modal. Modal is a bio based fibre derived from sustainably grown beech wood. Modal is renowned for its remarkable softness and ability to withstand frequent washing without compromising comfort. Most importantly, Modal has superior moisture absorption compared to cotton, ensuring exceptional moisture-wicking properties. Modal effectively absorbs sweat and heat while you sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Our comprehensive Breathe® collection includes a duvet, pillow, mattress protector, and pillow protector, all meticulously designed to provide complete temperature control and support.

Let’s explore the collection. 

Breathe® Temperature Control Cotton Pillow

A bright bedroom and a bed showcasing our Breathe pillow and duvet. Temperature control bedding for when it's too hot too sleep.

Your head generates a significant amount of heat while you sleep, making it crucial to have a pillow that can effectively regulate its temperature. Without proper temperature control, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortably hot, leading to sticky and matted hair.

To address this issue, we have developed the Breathe® Temperature Control Cotton Pillow. Our Breathe® pillows are filled with a blend of Smartfil® clusters and moisture-wicking Modal. These cluster fibres are small and move freely to ensure even distribution for cushioning your head and neck.

Breathe® Temperature Control Duvet

A bright bedroom and a bed showcasing our Breathe bedding collection. Temperature control bedding for when iyou're too hot to sleep.


Our Breathe® Duvet makes you feel wonderfully snug in bed without overheating. Choose a 4.5 tog for maximum breathability and minimum heat retention. You can really feel the difference. 

Our Smartfil® fibres are incredibly light and provide the same level of warmth as premium down duvets. They promote airflow throughout the duvet, ensuring a comfortable and cosy night's sleep.


Introducing Smart Temperature: HeiQ® Cool Temperature Control Bedding Collection

Our Smart Temperature collection harnesses advanced textile technology to keep you cool during hot nights; Activated Cooling® from Swiss textile innovator HeiQ® delivers instant and continuous cooling and Smartfil® fibres offer superior softness and shape retention.

HeiQ® Cool: The HeiQ® Cool technology responds to temperature and offers dual-action cooling to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Dual action cooling is made up of instant contact cooling and continuous evaporate cooling. The cool touch surface layer provides instant cooling to help you fall asleep. If you get warmer during the night, continuous evaporative cooling is activated, pushing moisture away from your body. 

For those experiencing night sweats or menopausal hot flushes, our Smart Temperature bedding can offer relief and more comfortable sleep.

Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Pillow

Two white Smart Temperature pillows. Temperature Control bedding for when you're too hot to sleep.

Boasting a sustainably sourced, 200-thread count cotton cover, our Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Pillow is soft to the touch and incredibly cool. Powered by HeiQ® Cool technology, our Smart Temperature Pillow will know when your head is too hot for sleep and will start cooling until it reaches an optimal temperature.

Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet

Our Smart Temperature pillow and duvet in white. Temperature control bedding for you're too hot to sleep.

You don’t have to compromise on cosiness on hot summer nights. Our Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet provides instant and continuous evaporative cooling to restore your sleep. Unlike other temperature control technology, HeiQ® delays the build of heat by delivering it away from your body and continues to keep you cool throughout the night.


Embrace Cool And Restful Nights With Temperature Control Bedding

If you’re too warm to sleep this summer or looking to stop night sweats, our temperature-control bedding collections will help you reclaim your peaceful nights and wake up feeling refreshed. 

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July 11, 2023 — Sleep Expert