Our Mission

As a fourth generation British business, our family of innovators have spent more than 100 years invested in better bedding. We have trailblazed technology throughout the eras, from delivering durability for our cruiseliner mattresses in 1912, to creating our Eco factory in 2020.

Over 100 years


Advanced fibre

Eco factory


And longevity is not only part of our history, but our product philosophy too. Woven in the finest luxury materials, and sustainably manufactured, our bedding is quality, made to last - wash after wash. It’s what makes our sumptuous bedding / duvets & pillows as at home on your bed, as they are in the suites of some of the world’s best hotels.

Past, present and future, our united purpose is, and always has been, to create better bedding. Better for you; delivering a superior night’s sleep in sumptuous duvets & pillows. And for our planet too; threading responsible innovation using of eco-friendly materials and manufacturing through each one of our collections.

our history

We’re a business of many different folds, from our parent brand Trendsetter to our high sustainability standards, to our ever-present industry-leading innovation - this is our story of how premium sleep came to be…


The first iteration of our brand, Harrison & Jones Ltd, is established in Liverpool by William Harrison, originally supplying beds and bedding to transatlantic liners sailing between Liverpool and the US.


William Harrison introduces then Princess Elizabeth, to Eiderdowns.


Trendsetter is established by Paul Black focusing on luxury bedding.


Our The Fine Bedding Company brand launches


We open our dedicated factory in Tallinn, Estonia


Queens Award for Enterprise winners


Our first The Fine Bedding Company shop opens


Managing Director Claire Watkin wins Family Director of the Year award


Our revolutionary fibre recycled fibre Smartfil® is created


Technological advancements see our introduction of threadless SonicSeam®


We win the Green Apple Award for sustainable manufacturing.


A bedding first, we launch our Eco duvet made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.


The Fine Bedding Company became a Certified B Corporation®, which means we use our business as a force for good. 

Check in to a premium Night's sleep, every night

For more than 100 years, our boundless research and innovation has been invested in your sleep, making luxurious comfort your nightly reality. Using sustainable processes, we harness the sublime softness only found in luxury materials. Creating the ultimate collection of premium bedding, precisely designed to deliver restorative sleep.

All of this, we do not only for you – but for our world too.

There’s substance to our sustainability

More than a tagline, our sustainability is a thread that runs through the fabric of our entire ethos.

From our recyclable packaging, to our groundbreaking 10.5 tog duvet made from 120 old plastic bottles, to our award-winning Eco-Factory where production is powered by 100% renewable energy – every fibre is woven with a care and commitment to responsibly manufacturing the finest bedding, that leaves the lightest impact.

We’re meticulous about our quality

Our bedding is bound for both your bed and for the world’s best hotels. Both equal in measure, deserving only the highest quality, long-lasting bedding, every last detail is overseen in our state-of-the-art Eco-Factory guaranteeing the gold-standard for sumptuous, sustainable suites. Whether at home or away.

Because from sourcing 100% of our cotton sustainably through the Better Cotton initiative, to our Downpass® certification or trademarked Smartfil® fibres, right through to our hand stitched binding and the all important finishing touches, our quality is in every swatch.

Four generations of innovation

Over the last 100 years, we’ve spent decades imagining and then inventing, making history with many firsts. These monumental moments have cemented our position as the leaders in sustainable bedding innovation, informed by our pioneering research and development.

Take our Smartfil® fibres, made from PET plastic bottles and glazed with a unique, silky soft siliconised coating, we cleverly created a comfort that lasts like no other on the market. And our Sonicseam®, working to seamlessly reduce our carbon footprint. Then perhaps for our biggest

The production of all items has an environmental impact and it is vital to us that we grow in a responsible way minimising our impact.

As a family business we want to be proud not only of the products that we create but the way in which they are manufactured, protecting the environment for the future and for our children. Our customers trust in us to do the right thing, knowing we will push boundaries of what is possible. Ultimately we all want to ensure that we all can sleep well at night.

— Claire Watkin , Managing Director

A British business, steeped in heritage

From supplying durable mattresses to the colossal cruise liners of the 1920s, to being the first in the world to design a duvet made entirely out of plastic PET bottles in 2018 - our proudly independent British family business spans decades of change.

Yet despite our ever-changing environment, our family ethos has remained steadfast through our milestones - whether it be the grand-opening of our Eco-Factory in Estonia, in 2000, the launch of our ground-breaking recycled Smartfil® fibre in 2014 or our Green Apple Award for sustainable practices in 2017. Or whether it be our continental quilt, our four seasons duvet, or our built an eco-first in Estonia - pioneering production built on 100% renewable energy.

Today, our ship is steered by Claire Watkin, the great granddaughter of company founder William Harrison. Together with our incredible team of designers, manufacturers, developers, shippers, engineers, we ensure our family’s inherent principles of quality, craftsmanship, and eco-friendly practices are threaded through every stitch we sew.

Fast forward to now and that same factory operates on 100% renewable energy, where 99% of waste is recycled, and helping us bring our 100% recycled duvet, made from 120 plastic bottles, to the mass market.