If you have never heard of a coverless duvet before, we must warn you, because your life is about to change. But don’t worry, it’s all for the better, because once you have discovered the existence of coverless duvets, you will never want to go back to normal duvets. You are probably all too familiar with the endless struggle of getting your duvet cover on. Even Oprah herself struggles with her duvet covers, that says enough! It’s time for a change. We introduce: the coverless Night Owl duvet. A comfortable, practical duvet that will make laundry day fun and make your nights long and peaceful. That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

How Does a Coverless Duvet Work?

You may be wondering… a coverless duvet, how does that work? And above all, how is that hygienic? Well, the funny thing is that coverless duvets might actually be more hygienic than regular duvets with cover sheets. Unlike regular duvets, it can easily be popped in the washing machine at home. That means you don’t only get a fresh cover, but an entirely fresh duvet! Just imagine how wonderful the first night under the freshly washed coverless duvet would feel. A duvet without covers combines the best of two worlds, as it’s both comfortable and practical. The days of sweating like a pig trying to get your duvet covers on are finally over; washing day has never been this easy.

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Lightweight Winter Bedding

The Night Owl Duvet is available in a summer 4.5 tog but can also be used as a winter duvet as it comes in a 10.5 tog too. If you easily get hot during the night, you may want to opt for lightweight winter bedding instead of sleeping 13 togs of feather and down. While it can be super cosy, it may not be your best choice if you easily get hot, even during the winter. The Night Owl duvets are the perfect lightweight duvets as the 10.5 tog provides enough warmth whilst also remaining breathable. No more night sweats, say hello to a peaceful night’s sleep!

Easy Clean Kids Bedding

A coverless duvet such as the Night Owl may be the best duvet for kids out there. Why, you ask? Because it’s easy to clean, super comfortable and can easily be dragged around from the bed to the sofa and back. Do we really need to say more? Washing your bedding can be a tedious task, especially if you have children because you are probably changing their bed sheets more often than you’d like to. By the end of the day, you will have been to war and back with all the duvet covers and once the kids are in bed, they're complaining about the duvet slipping down the cover. Argh! 

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The fun part about the Night Owl duvets is that they come in different colours. Whether your kids (or you) want a green, blue, pink or classic white duvet, the options are endless. Grab yourself a pair of matching pillowcases to complete the picture. If a pop of colour isn’t enough and your kid has been dreaming of starry bedding for months, then the Night Owl Junior set will definitely put a smile on their faces. As this duvet comes with a grey and white design with a starry print, it will make their wildest dreams come true. And maybe, your dreams might too once they sleep a lot better! After all, a kid that sleeps well makes for a happy parent, right? 

December 03, 2021 — Sleep Expert