Our innovation is invested in your sleep.

Whether it’s in the development of pioneering new fibres, or the launch of a revolutionary new product, our award-winning team is forever innovating, driven by a passion to deliver superior levels of sleep.

Innovation, that’s taken four generations to perfect


The first iteration of our brand, Harrison & Jones Ltd, is established in Liverpool by William Harrison, originally supplying beds and bedding to transatlantic liners sailing between Liverpool and the US.


William Harrison introduces then Princess Elizabeth, to Eiderdowns.


Trendsetter is established by Paul Black focusing on bedding (no longer beds and foam as well).


Our The Fine Bedding Company brand launches


We open our dedicated factory in Tallinn, Estonia


Queens Award for Enterprise winners


Our first The Fine Bedding Company shop opens


Managing Director Claire Watkin wins Family Director of the Year award


Our revolutionary fibre recycled fibre Smartfil® is created


Technological advancements see our introduction of threadless SonicSeam®


We win the Green Apple Award for sustainable manufacturing.


A bedding first, we launch our Eco duvet made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

Product innovation

Within the global market of duvets and pillows, most manufacturers are focused on a low cost, high output strategy. Putting profits before the planet with the mass production of lower quality products, for the lowest possible price.

At The Fine Bedding Company, we have always sought to do things differently. Today we lead the industry with luxury bedding that’s more durable, longer lasting and delivered to market in a way that never compromises on our product quality, our people’s welfare or our planet’s prosperity.


Smartfil® is our unique brand of high performance fibre fillings for duvets and pillows, designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by us. Our investment and innovation has been in creating the lightest possible fibre, with a siliconised coating for an end-product that is highly resilient, ultra-washable and shape retaining.

The result is a Smartfil® duvet that is 434g lighter than a standard hollowfibre duvet, 25% less than industry benchmark. In fact, for every hundred-thousand 10.5 tog double duvets, we prevent the production of 43 tonnes polyester fibre, and 460t CO2eq/t, (assuming industry standard duvet also uses recycled polyester).

In our purpose-built Eco-Factory, we have created specially adapted machinery that’s unavailable to the mass market, allowing us to process materials at the specific temperature and humidity levels required for extremely fine fibres.


Our groundbreaking Sonicseam® is the product of 8 years dedicated to developing a solution that revolutionises duvet production. Created by our experienced team of engineers, this threadless seam is made using pioneering technology whereby high frequency sound changes the molecular structure of fabrics and filling.

In doing so, we’ve reduced waste fabric at the foot of the duvet by 100% compared with industry standard - where 10cm is cut off at the end of each product. Ultimately, this equates to a saving of 37g of polyester fabric (virgin) and 68g fibre (recycled) per duvet, a reduction of 10.5 tonnes fabric and fibre per 100,000.

What’s more, our Sonicseam® uses just 0.003kWh of energy per duvet compared with a traditional overlock machine which uses 1.88kWh. This incredible energy saving technique has significantly reduced our overall carbon footprint, contributing to our unwavering pledge to be a more sustainably sound business.


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