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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    The recent passing of 39-year-old singer, Sarah Harding, once again brought breast cancer into the limelight. Such a cruel disease, and so many of us, it seems, have been touched one way or another by it.  In fact, according to the charity, Breast Cancer Now, around 55,000 women and 370 men will hear the words ‘it’s breast cancer’ this year. That’s why it’s...
  • Are Silk Pillowcases Worth It?

    Silk is one of the most coveted bedding materials on the market, with its unparalleled silky and luxurious texture. Not only is it irresistibly soft to the touch, but the shimmering tones of silk adds a touch of glamour to anything it is used for.  Over the past year silk pillowcases have soared in popularity. No longer are they synonymous with our Grandma’s...
  • What is a Night Owl coverless duvet?

    There’s nothing better than crawling under a clean, warm duvet after a crisp winter day. Especially in January, the days are ridiculously short and it already starts getting dark around half three. After a long day at work, you just want to come home, relax and enjoy the warmth of a duvet. Coming home to a laundry bag filled with bed sheets is...
  • Our most asked question answered - What pillow should I be using?

    Essential to a good night's sleep, your pillow should be supportive and comfortable. The most important element is ensuring it is the right height in relation to your body frame and mattress firmness to position your body in a way that puts your spine into a natural and healthy alignment.