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We are leading suppliers for the UK bedding industry.

As a fourth generation Certified B Corporation® our family of innovators have spent more than 100 years investing in better bedding. We have trailblazed technology throughout the eras and longevity is not only part of our history, but our product philosophy too... Woven in the finest luxury materials that are ethically sourced and responsibly manufactured in our Eco-Factory, our bedding is quality, made to last.



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The Fine Bedding Company stockists must be based in the UK

Certified Eco-factory

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste products through sustainable manufacturing in our factory, running on 100% certified renewable sources.

Luxury hotel Supplier

We're trusted by many upscale hotelliers from all over the world to create reliable and beautifully crafted product for their guests.

Ethical sourcing

We're fully commited to ethical sourcing and tracebility. Only working with partners that meet stringent ethical standards means we share our total commitments to animal welfare.