It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for that warmer weather. A relief for those summer lovers and an ideal time excuse to switch up from your winter wardrobe but also your winter bedroom, into something more weather appropriate. 

The question is though, what tog duvet does my winter bedding need changing to now the days are getting warmer? With a vast array of duvets on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which one is a spring duvet and which is a summer duvet. Is a different duvet tog for a different season necessary? Fear not, at The Fine Bedding Company we know all things duvet, Sleep Experts are here to inform you on everything bedding  related and how to get the optimal night’s sleep - no matter the season!

What Does Duvet Tog Mean? 

When shopping around for a duvet, you may find that the word tog springs up everywhere!  The term ultimately means insulation. A tog is essentially how effectively the duvet insulates heat, using numbers around the word tog to define the measurement of heat insulation the scale can range from 1, being very cool and lightweight to 15 being the warmest. Achieving a perfect balance of insulation for the seasons can be key to an efficient and restful night's sleep. With all of the alternating factors that come with getting that recommended seven to eight hours of shut eye, sometimes your sleeping arrangements need to be replenished or swapped out depending on the season. With fluctuating temperature influencing our sleeping schedule it's important to re-evaluate your bedding often.  It can be difficult to maintain balance when it comes to the seasons, the shift in temperatures, as well as keeping to your  stylistic values, such as your favourite materials, aesthetic and the style of your duvet cover.

Here at The Fine Bedding Company we include a duvet tog guide on all duvets, which highlights the tog scale suited for the different seasons. This takes out all the guess work when it comes to purchasing your next seasonal duvet. For instance, our Goose Feather & Down Duvet, would typically be associated the cold winter months because of the down and goose feather properties. However, at The Fine Bedding Company we offer it for all seasons with the scale of tog demonstrated clearly on the website. Perfect for a winter lover that prefers a heavy duvet cover or for that ultimate snug feeling even in the summer months. 

What Duvet Is Best For Spring? 

As we approach spring, it's the perfect time to prepare and pack away your winter duvet and upgrade to your lighter bedding. To achieve said balance, comes with knowledge of what tog to switch up your bed to that fits alongside your interiors and your preference on duvet weight and quality. With the tog season guide on all duvets at The Fine Bedding Company, shopping for your springtime essentials can be a breeze. 

With spring duvets being available on most of our duvet range at Fine Bedding, you can afford to be picky on the elements and stylistic qualities you want in a duvet. A perfect example of a spring duvet would be the 10.5 togs Spundown Duvet with mid-range heat insulation matched alongside its advanced Smartfil® fibres; it is the ideal plump duvet for a restful springtime sleep. With the kick start of hay fever season, the Hypoallergenic qualities in this duvet mean that the pillow or duvet is less likely to trigger allergies in the months when the idea of sneezing less is music to your ears. 

What Duvet Cover Is Best For Summer? 

When searching for a duvet in summer, judging which duvet you may need for a restful night's sleep can be a bit of a chore. Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we recommend seasonal duvet togs to make life that little bit easier when shopping. With an array of options to suit those warmer summer months, mixed alongside breathability but also extreme luxury, there are plenty to choose from. 

For summer our Breath Duvet can be an ideal fit to match the summer season, with temperature-controlled comfort and Smartfil® technology it’s an ideal summer companion. Including a special ingredient called Modal, derived from natural wood pulp, the Breath Duvet is exceptionally breathable, perfect for matching the heat fluctuations through the summer months. However, if in summer you are searching for that extra slice of luxury, Fine Beddings' array of duvets won't fall short of your expectations. With Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet available in a summer 4.5 tog, the summer months will feel constant five-star resort. With the duvet consisting of A1 Grade material. An internationally acknowledged standard, known as the very best quality filling in the world when it comes to a duvet cover. The duvet is guaranteed to be the comfiest quality ever experienced - trust us on that!  


March 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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