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Based on 287 reviews
Eco Duvet

Delighted with the duvet and the prompt delivery we had from Fine Bedding. The duvet is very light but so far delivers just the right amount of warmth.

Great duvet light but warm the only downside is that you can’t get all the colours when you want the king size duvet there are only three colour choices pink , blue or green

Excellent - love it

We are really pleased with our purchase. The quilt is light but warm - we seem to be sleeping much better. Making the bed every morning is a pleasure.

Absolutely amazing

Amazing quality. I have been absolutely loving my pillow. my nights have never been better. Absolutely amazing

No Plastic Fibres Inside This Beauty!

What a delightful pillow for a child. My four year old likes it a lot. It is wonderful to know that the filling is not made of plastic polyester fibre but natural wool! A great product.

Love my pillow, I will definitely be getting another. Really fast delivery to! Highly recommend! Thank you.

Breath 13.5 tog duvet

As expected perfect. Now have four of these duvets, all the sizes
I swap them about as the weather changes throughout the year. Having moved to a colder area now needed the highest tog. They also wash beautifully.

Night Owl
Love it!

So light her so effective! I'm in the process of replacing all my duvets with Night Owls. Highly recommend.

Five stars

Soft, comfortable, stylish, light, practical, HAPPY!

Great quality

Although the pillow is comfortable to sleep on I feel that there needs to be a bigger height between the front and back of the pillow. I have tried it both ways and very little difference. Other than that I am very happy with it.

Very comfortable

I now have 3 of these duvets. Great quality, very comfortable and environmentally friendly. Would definitely recommend.


Dry soft and lightweight

Best pillow I've ever had

I came across this pillow in Ben Nevis hotel in fort William and loved it. My daughter had the hindsight to photo label so I ordered one when I came home, and have slept like a log since

Support pillow

Brilliant pillow ! Had the best nights sleep ever with no neck pain or shoulder pain.

Xmas present

Warm and cosy


Absolutely love this duvet. Super warm, snuggly and plump!

All in one Duvet

Excellent product , I have a bad back so a duvet cover for me to put on is very difficult so this works great !!


This Duvet is the best I’ve had it’s lightweight and very comfortable

Fantastic pillow

This pillow is awesome! Before purchasing this pillow I struggled to sleep. Now, I haven’t slept so well! I would definitely recommend. 10 out of 10.

Great duvet

This duvet does what it says on the box. It is light yet warm on cold nights and doesn’t make you overheat. This is the second time I have bought it and am happy to recommend its quality. The service provided by the Fine Bedding Company is also excellent with fast and efficient delivery.

Very soft and fluffy

Bought for a guest room and no complaints so far. A quality product with fast and efficient delivery.

Light but warm

Light, airy but warm duvet. So easy to make the bed & no more struggling to get a duvet inside a cover - bliss.

Xmas presents

Bought as a gift for elderly parents who cant manage changing duvet covers now. My mum thinks they are slightly heavier than M&S version. Lovely colour and feel

4.5 tog duvet

Although the description of the 4.5 tog duvet appeared the same as one I bought a couple of years ago, I find this one is bulkier and hotter and so far the climate has been too warm for me to use it. It still has a beautiful softness and lightness but I would only award it 4 stars

Smooth and Silky

I used to have a silk duvet but I am pleased with this option as it is very smooth and silk.
The coverless duvet has a printed weaved pattern on it so there are no risks of the colour of duvet bleeding colour into the wash. Very pleased with the purchase and may even buy a pillow as well which is extremely reasonable price which goes for the duvet itself too.

I also think it is such a great idea for children as it will save mother’s labour and time. Buying one will both make a mother and child very happy. I’d like to see some other colours or perhaps an option to personalise a certain colour in the distant future.