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Night Owl

I was initially drawn to the fact that you didn’t need a cover, as I’m disabled and it’s always a struggle for me to change the bedding. Also that it can be washed in a domestic machine. I’m really pleased with it. It’s light , soft and and airy but very warm and looks good on my bed, layered with throws. It’s a little bit too warm for me, (10.5 tog) but my husband is happy. We now get a really good nights sleep, although, why it would make a difference I don’t know, but it does. I’m going to order the 4.5 tog for the summer and buy more of each to have spares for washing time. I definitely would recommend this.

Innovative idea, no more duvet struggling

I was so fed up of fighting with duvet covers I decided to try this. Fast delivery, good price, lightweight , well made, attractive appearance. So lightweight it’s hard to believe it’s warm enough but it is.
The only reason I’ve given it 4 stars is because I haven’t washed it yet. What I didn’t check is the recommendation it’s dried in a tumble dryer, which I haven’t got. I can only hope it retains the same fluffiness on the summer washing line.

Deep Fill Cotton Mattress Protector

This item is really worth buying. Much stronger than ones I have purchased from other suppliers. Lovely to sleep on and excellent fit.

Cosy and convenient

I've had coverless duvets for a while now. as I have back problems, but they've always been heavy and hard to wash. The Night Owl is perfect as it is light, easily fits in the washing machine and dries quickly. Best of all it is cosy and snuggly!

Excellent for use on the sofa

So fluffy

Honestly, if I didn’t know this was recycled materials, I’d have assumed it was down.


Lovely pillows, sofented a little after a week. Just love them


Such a gorgeous duvet. Beautifully warm. What a difference this has made for me. Thank you 🙏

Great idea.

Looks lovely on the bed, but as it is for my guest bedroom I haven’t had the opportunity to get an opinion on it as yet. However if the current circumstances remain for much longer, I may very well try it out myself!

Super soft!

This is my second 10.5 Night Owl bought this time with pillow cases which are so soft and comfy. The duvets are really convenient, easily popped in the washing machine and drier and so cosy, lightweight. My only gripe is that you can't get a super kingsize!

Absolutely brilliant

I really hate changing duvets, then I came across this firm so I thought I’d order one, I ordered on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, I couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived, I couldn’t wait to get into my bed that night.
The duvet was well packed and came in a lovely hold-all bag.
This duvet is so so soft, I had a pink one and it’s so beautiful, I kept going into my room just to touch it.
I had the best nights sleep in a long time, I never woke up during the night.
It’s very well made and keeps you nice and warm, I don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings as I’m so snuggly in there
I have left a review on Facebook as well
I’m going to get my husband one for his birthday after I told him how lovely it was, I said I’ll get you one
I can highly recommend these duvets and this firm they are brilliant

Comfy pillow

Very comfy and good customer service

Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Superb quality. Also have one in my motor home giving total comfort there too.


Wonderfully soft and cosy. And no more ironing giant duvet covers YAAAY. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these.

Excellent bedding

This duvet ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned. I use 7 tog duvets all year round as I find this sufficiently warm. This duvet is light but really cosy. Excellent. Would certainly recommend 100%

Amazing and warm

My husband and I love crawling under our new duvet! The 10.5 tog is so cosy and warm even on the coldest of days.

Good Quality Duvet

We just upgrade our bed size so needed a new quilt. Previously we had the 'Breathe' version which was good. However the 'Boutique Silk' just goes that little bit further in quality. Very soft, comfortable and not 'noisy' some quilts squeak and groan as the fibres within move, not this one though. Excellent. I waited a few weeks before reviewing to provide an experienced comment.


Warm, comfortable and very well made


We love our Night Owl Duvet so much I shall be buying more of them😎

Fitting the purpose

Prompt service. Good fit, comfortable, and all things good.


Loving the Spundown mattress protector
Super soft!

Arrived safely second time after courier messed up altho your company dealt with it promptly . Very pleased with it, although it was for a guest bed thinking of ordering another for master room.

Night owl coverless duvet

I bought the night owl coverless duvets in white and pink , I love them making my bed is so easy and they are so comfortable l honestly dont think I could go back to original duvets with covers again .

Very good product

Good item

I bought this when I had back and neck pain. It did enable me to sit more comfortably, but it’s much too big to sleep on.