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4.8 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
4.8 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
How To Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn: Autumn Bedding

How To Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn: Autumn Bedding Refresh

As autumn arrives with its colder, darker, and longer nights, it’s time to embrace the season of woolly jumpers, hot drinks, movie nights on the sofa, and Halloween treats. At The Fine Bedding Company, we’ve been hard at work expanding our range with new products, prints, colours, and textures. With the change of the season, it’s the perfect time to stow away your summer bedding, refresh your bedroom, and infuse it with autumnal charm.


Stay Warm With High Tog Duvets

Firstly, if you’re still snuggled under your lightweight 4.5 tog summer duvet, it’s time to consider a higher tog option, such as 10.5 or 13.5 Tog. As autumn ushers in chillier temperatures, staying cosy is a must. Here are our recommednations:

Boutique Silk Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

A luxury blend of 100% pure silk threads and Smartfil® fibres for an ultra-soft, hotel-quality feel. 

Boutique Silk Duvet 13.5 Tog

Goose Feather & Down Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

Naturally warm and breathable, our Downpass-cetified natural fill duvet is perfect for those who enjoy a 'tucked-in' feeling as they drift off to sleep. 

Goose Feather & Down Duvet 13.5 Tog

Spundown Duvet (10.5 or 13.5 Tog)

Geneoursly filled with our warm and lightweight Smartfil fibres and easily compressible and homewashable.

Spundown Duvet

Top tip: Opt for a 10.5 Tog duvet and use your 4.5 Tog summer duvet as a throw on the end of the bed for those particulalry cold nights.

If you’re curious about tog ratings, why they’re important, and the right choice for each season, explore our comprehensive Duvet Tog Guide.


Autumn & Winter Prints: Discover New & Limited Edition Coverless Duvet & Throw Prints

Introducing three exquisite Limited Edition prints, just in time for blissful lie-ins and movie nights on the sofa. Our collection features Classic Tartan, Festive Forest, and Winter Penguins.

Classic Tartan is a timeless design that brings richness to any room. With intersecting stripes in various colours, it creates a pattern of squares and rectangles reminiscent of the traditional Scottish textile design often associated with kilts.

Classic Tartan Coverless Duvet

 Transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland with Festive Forest, a Nordic-inspired landscape featuring snow, pine trees, reindeer, and warm homesteads. Perfect for those who can't resist getting into the festive spirit.

Festive Forest

 Embrace the chill with our Winter Penguin print, boasting a soft-grey palette and charming penguin families to remind you of the true spirit of Christmas.

Winter Penguin

And an added bonus: all our Coverless Duvets come in a lovely, reusable duffle bag for easy storage.

Night Lark Duffle Bag


Feels Like Autumn: All-New Duvet Textures

Texture and materials play an important role in making bedding an enjoyable sensory experience. We understand everyone has their own preferences, so we’ve added a range of new textures.

The Seersucker Coverless Duvet features classic Seersucker stripes with alternating patterns, exuding an elegant and understated look. Choose from Polar White, Meadow Green, and Nordic Mist Grey to match your decor.

Seersucker Covereless Duvet
Feel the irresistible texture of our Tufted Dots Coverless Duvet, adorned with charming dots that effortlessly add autumn style to any bedroom. Available in Warm Sand and Dusk Blue, it's a simple yet effective way to revamp your space.

Tufted Dots Coverless Duvet

Finally, our Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet boasts a wonderfully tactile, tight-knit waffle texture that feels warm and cosy, especially on those cold autumn nights. Select from Grey and Navy to match your preferences. We even have matching Cotton Waffle Pillowcases to compelte your bed’s texture.

Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet


We've also launched our Limited Edition Wild Leopard, Monochrome Garden, Bohemian Geo prints. 


All of our Coverless Duvets are generously filled with Smartfil® fibres, offering an extraordinarily lightweight yet warm feel. These hypoallergenic and ultra-compressible fibres maintain their shape and quality wash after wash.

With these exciting additions, you can effortlessly transition your bedroom into an autumn haven of comfort and style.


All-New Dyes: Pair With Our Pillows

Our Night Lark Plain Dye Pillowcases perfectly complement our Night Lark Coverless Duvets. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Available in five charming colours: Polar White, Nordic Mist Grey, Meadow Green, Dusk Blue, and Warm Sand.

Night Lark Plain Dye Pillowcase


Ready To Elevate Your Bedding For Autumn?

Embrace the season and give your bedding a fresh update. Explore our selection of new and limited edition prints and textures, you're sure to discover the perfect autumn style for your bedroom.

Click here to browse our collection of higher tog duvets designed to keep you warm throughout the autumn and winter months.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your autumn bedroom styling for a chance to be featured.


October 23, 2023 — Sleep Expert
Find The Right Duvet Tog For You: Duvet Tog Guide

Find The Right Duvet Tog For You: Duvet Tog Guide

When you're in the market for a new duvet, understanding your specific needs is crucial. Finding the perfect duvet can be a daunting task, but fear not, as we're here to provide you with a comprehensive duvet tog guide to help you make the right choice.


Deciphering The Tog Rating: What Does Tog Mean?

Contrary to common belief, the Tog rating isn't an indicator of a duvet's thickness or quality. Rather, it's a measure used to gauge the thermal insulation capacity of a material. In simpler terms, it tells you how warm a duvet is. The rule of thumb is straightforward: the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. However, to truly grasp which duvet suits your needs, let's delve deeper. At Fine Bedding Company, our duvets range from 4.5 Tog to 13.5 Tog.


4.5 Tog Duvet: Ideal For Summer 

Summer nights call for a lighter duvet since higher temperatures mean less insulation is required. The perfect choice for this season is the 4.5 Tog duvet. A handy way to remember this is: as temperatures rise, go for a lower Tog rating. Most of our duvets come in 4.5 Tog options, but our Breathe Duvet stands out for summer use. It incorporates Modal, a natural fibre derived from wood pulp, which helps regulate temperature by wicking away moisture, keeping you cool on hot summer nights. However, if you tend to get chilly, even in summer, consider a 7 Tog duvet for added warmth.

Duvet Tog


Selecting The Right Tog Rating For Spring And Autumn: 7 or 10.5 Tog

Spring and autumn bring cooler temperatures, but it's not quite freezing yet. During these transitional seasons, a duvet with a Tog rating of either 7 or 10.5 is your best bet, depending on your susceptibility to cold. If you tend to run warm, a 7 Tog duvet should suffice.

Our Spundown Duvet, available in 7 Tog, is both lightweight and plush, retaining its shape after each wash.

Alternatively, our Boutique Silk Duvet, with a 10.5 Tog rating, offers luxurious comfort and is easy to clean, making it ideal for those who tend to sweat on warmer nights.


13.5 Tog Duvet: Embrace The Winter Chill

As winter approaches and the temperature drops, it's time to opt for a higher Tog rating. A 13.5 Tog duvet will keep you cozy during the coldest months. However, if you're not particularly sensitive to the cold, a 10.5 Tog duvet can also provide ample warmth. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. There's nothing quite like snuggling under a warm duvet after a chilly day.


The 4 Seasons Duvet

For those seeking a versatile option that can be used year-round, the 4 seasons duvet is the way to go. This duvet consists of a 9 Tog and a 4.5 Tog duvet, which can be combined to create a toasty 13.5 Tog duvet for winter. Purchasing the entire set at once can save you money on your duvet purchase. Our Spundown Duvet is available in the 4 seasons warmth variant. If nighttime sweating is a concern, the Breathe Duvet is an innovative choice as it effectively regulates temperature.



Shop Breathe Duvet


Make Your Choice

Now that you're well-versed in the world of Tog ratings, selecting the right duvet for yourself should be a breeze. If you still have doubts or need expert advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always delighted to assist you in finding the perfect duvet to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

September 20, 2023 — Sleep Expert
all seasons duvet

What is an All Seasons Duvet: Our 3-In-1 Bedding Solution

Are you caught in that tricky seasonal transition where your 4.5 tog summer duvet leaves you a bit chilly, yet a 10.5 tog winter duvet feels a bit too much? Then you might be looking for our All Seasons Duvets - the bedding solution for erratic weather. 

We want you to have the right bedding to achieve deeper and more fulfilling sleep, whatever the weather. Let’s take a closer look at our All Seasons Duvets, how they work, and how they benefit you.

What is an All Seasons Duvet?

An All Seasons Duvet is a 3-in-1 bedding solution comprising of two duvets that can be used seperatlay or combined. One duvet has a 4.5 tog rating, the other has a 9 tog rating, and together, they have a 13.5 tog rating. 

You probably swap your duvet when the weather changes. However, storing your winter or summer bedding can be cumbersome and requires a certain amount of storage space. 

An All Seaons Duvet is a practical, cost-effective, and space saving bedding solution.

When purchasing one, you will receive two separate duvets that have a different Tog rating. One of your duvets will be lighter, more recognisable as the ‘summer tog’ version. Typically, the tog rating will be 4.5. Then, the other, heavier will come in at a 9 rating. You can use this quilt in your transition period, between Autumn and Summer when the weather is the most unpredictable here in the UK. When the weather starts to turn chilly, you can combine these two duvets together, finalising your tog rating at 13.5.

all season duvet

Shop Breathe Four Season Duvet

How Does a Duvet for All Seasons Work?

There of course is the age old question of ‘when is it a good time to swap out my summer duvet for a heavier winter one?’. With a four seasons duvet, you won’t have to worry about storing or swapping out your quilt. 

When it comes to testing out a duvet, it’s important to look at the tog rating. A tog rating measures the thermal resistance of the fabric. This measures how much heat a piece of material can absorb or retain, in comparison to how much heat it lets flow through the sheets. A tog rating typically goes up to 15 being the heaviest and therefore the best for a chilly winter night’s sleep. 

The ‘four seasons’ option of a duvet allows you the best of both worlds, a thin, summer appropriate duvet and a thick duvet for the cold. It combines the two tog ratings from both duvets, making it a versatile option. Simply detach and reattach as necessary. 

Our sleep experts always recommend swapping out a thick duvet for a thin one during the colder months, to ensure a good-quality night's sleep. A four seasons duvet is an adjustable solution which will help you navigate the unpredictable British weather. 

Benefits of the All Seasons Duvet

Purchasing the correct duvet, or multiple duvets, can be a task full of many decisions. Not only can it be time consuming, but it can also be expensive. Buying a four seasons duvet can be the more cost effective option. Instead of having one summer duvet and a winter one, having an all season’s quilt could help you save pennies in the long run!

Temperature is everything. It can be the difference between a good night's rest and a disturbed sleeping pattern. There is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold and not having a duvet that will fix that. A duvet for all four seasons is the dream, keeping you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. 

If you want to ensure your temperature is managed throughout the night, then our sleep experts even suggest pairing an ‘all seasons’ duvet with a Smart Temperature Duvet Cover. This soft 200 thread count cotton bed linen is created with the unique Smart Temp™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ, meaning it delivers temperature control for optimal comfort.

four season duvet

Shop Smart Temperature Duvet Cover

In addition, the four seasons duvet mechanic works perfectly with any type of filling. Even if you have a Goose Down Duvet or a natural filled onethe concept of the duvet which can help you in all seasons and weather still applies. There is no need to compromise on what you prefer in your bedtime quilts.

November 09, 2021 — Sleep Expert
autumn bedding

3 Ways To Give Your Bedding An Autumn Refresh

A new home and the emergence of a new season have a surprising commonality. They both signal that it’s change-up time for bedding. 

So whether you’re moving house, having a new home tidy, or a general autumn overhaul, keep these considerations in mind. For one thing, the temperature over the next few months will dip. But autumn can also bring about uncertainty because it’s changeable and unpredictable, whilst still having the odd warm day. And when the evenings are drawing further in and we’re all feeling like we want to hibernate, the urge to stay in bed for longer is undeniable.

autumn bedding

That means fabrics and filling that are both breathable and retain heat are a must. I mean who wants light summer bedding when there’s a chill in the night air? Fortunately, Fine Bedding have spent the past 100 years researching the perfect bedding for each season. Here are our three favourite ways to give bedding an autumn refresh:

Mattress Topper

A common question we hear is should I invest in a mattress topper? And the answer is very simply, yes!

In fact one of the easiest ways to raise comfort to another level is by adding a mattress topper. This really is the secret to improved comfort because it brings a luxurious finish to any bed. It also goes some way to relieving pressure on the springs by distributing weight more evenly, which helps to delay sagging or general wear. The overall effect is to prolong mattress life, saving you money in the longer term. Not to mention the fact that it also prevents dirt and stains from getting onto the mattress. 

Seriously, it could be the best decision you make this autumn. 

For hotel style comfort, you can’t beat the luxurious Spundown Mattress Enhancer. This certainly is one breakthrough product. Filled with 100% Smartfil® fibres, the topper is encased within a beautiful peach-soft cover. 

Incredibly, the super soft filling once started life as a plastic bottle and is actually made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. Yup. We really did just say that. You’d never know it though! 

Another benefit is that it is washable at 60°, reassuring for anyone with a dust-mite allergy that’s exacerbated by colder weather. 

mattress enahncerShop Spundown Mattress Enhancer

A Warm Duvet

It’s definitely the season to hide away under a duvet whether you’re in bed or slouching on the sofa. The key to autumn warmth is getting the right tog rating, with autumn and winter tog’s typically being around 10.5-13.5

You can feel wonderfully warm and turn on the style with the utterly fabulous exclusive Boutique Silk Duvet. Rest assured that the rich combination of silk and Smartfil® fibre filling ensures a level of unrivalled comfort. Not only that, but it’s wrapped in a sustainably sourced, blissfully soft 100% pure cotton cover. Capturing all the ingredients of a sleep-inducing duvet means that this bedding is chosen by many luxury 4* and 5* hotels nationwide. So, why not create your very own autumn retreat with this must-have duvet? 

autumn duvetShop Boutique Silk Duvet

The Perfect Pillow

One thing we can all agree on is that having the right pillow is essential to a great night’s sleep. Even more so when we’re transitioning from the warmer months to the colder months, during which our circadian rhythms are out of sync and playing catch-up. 

Now that you’ve got your unbelievably cosy Boutique Silk Duvet, you’ll surely want to pair it with a choice partner. Well lo and behold, there’s the Boutique Silk Pillow too. Bringing indulgent silky comfort to the head and shoulders, this is the ultimate 5* pillow for sleep. 

Also brimming with an opulent blend of silk and Smartfil® fibre filling, it’s encased in a breathable, ultra-soft pure cotton cover featuring a classic satin stripe design for extra luxury. Paired with the matching boutique silk duvet, you’re all set for the perfect autumn refresh and more importantly, the best night’s sleep yet!

medium pillow

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October 20, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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How To Help Your Kids Overcome Halloween Night Terrors

How To Help Your Kids Overcome Halloween Night Terrors

Halloween is the one night a year where we pull out all the stops to be as scary as possible. Dressed as a zombie? Check. Halloween treats with fake (edible) blood? Check. Trick or treat basket? Triple check. Whilst you might be fully prepared for Halloween Night itself, we suspect you’re less prepared for what’s to come next: terrified kids that refuse to go to bed alone. “Because mum… what if there’s a monster under my bed?!” We’ll save you the trouble of having to check for scary monsters and give you our best tips on how to help your kids overcome night terrors this Halloween 2023. 

Halloween Night Terrors

How to Avoid Nightmares for Kids

We firmly believe that prevention is always better than cure. But when it comes to nightmares, this can be difficult as it might feel like there’s nothing you can do for your kid. If your kids often wake up upset during the middle of the night after another scary nightmare, this will affect your quality of sleep too. There are a couple of ways to stop nightmares in kids which will help both you and your kids to get through Halloween without any night terrors. After all, Halloween should be a fun night filled with joy, silly costumes and above all lots of candy. There is simply no room for Halloween night terrors! 

Avoid Nightmares By Regulating Your Kids’ Sleep Pattern

Don’t be fooled, this may sound like a tough job but luckily, this tip is quite simple and has proven to be very effective in stopping nightmares from happening. Most nightmares happen approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep. At this point, your kid will transition between stage three and stage four non-REM sleep for the first time. In this part of sleep, most night terrors occur. The key to stopping any Halloween night terrors from happening is by waking your child up after an hour of them falling asleep. Make sure that you remember what time they fell asleep at, because it’s important to wake them up at least 15 minutes before they transition to their non-REM sleep. Bonus tip: offer them a sip of water to ensure they are really awake! 

Distractions Before Bedtime

During Halloween Night, your kids will be surrounded by spooky figures, fake blood and zombies all night long. No wonder why they end up with nightmares! If you put them to bed immediately after their round of trick and treating, we can assure you they will struggle to sleep or wake up from nightmares. To avoid this from happening, distracting them before bedtime can help. Put on one of their favourite films (you might want to skip the horror genre), make them a soothing cup of tea or warm milk and read from their favourite books. This distracts them from all the spookiness they just witnessed and may help to conquer the night terrors!

Create a Safe Haven for Your Kids

Lastly, it’s important that they go to sleep feeling relaxed, comfortable and completely safe. Their bedroom should be a safe haven where they drift into a peaceful, deep sleep. How do you do this? By picking the fluffiest, most comfortable kids bedding of course! Our Night Owl duvets are the best kids bedding and they even come in a starry print. An additional benefit: they are machine washable which makes it super easy to clean the duvet in case any bed wetting accidents occur at Halloween.

Night Owl Duvet

Image by

October 11, 2021 — Sleep Expert
Kids autumn winter duvet

3 Step Guide To Buying Kid's Autumn Winter Duvets

With the summer holidays having drawn to a close, you may have found yourself switching out the summer clothes and ditching the sun hats for school uniform and book bags. But have you thought about swapping out the kid's summer duvets and getting out the back to school bedding ready for the autumn? As the nights are starting to draw in and with the temperature dropping, this is the ideal time to get out the autumn and winter duvets. Perhaps you are unsure what to look for when buying your kid's new autumn bedding? Keep reading our kid's duvet guide to help you find the right back to school bedding. 

Kids winter bedding

1. Is a Heavy Tog Duvet a Must for Kids’ Autumn Winter Duvets?

As the nights get cooler, you may automatically think you need to switch the kid’s duvets to the heaviest tog available. However, unlike adults, children can find it a lot harder to regulate their body temperature and are at a higher risk of overheating when faced with a duvet of a very high tog rating. Although it may sound counterintuitive, when buying your kid's autumn duvet, we recommend around a 7.5 tog, as a tog rating much higher than this could cause a hot and uncomfortable night’s sleep for your child, even during the cold months. Our 7 tog Breathe Duvet is the perfect autumn kid's duvet, as it is not only the ideal weight, but it is also machine washable making it ideal for the times when muddy marks appear and accidental bedwetting occurs.  

Breathe DuvetShop Kid's Autumn Duvets

2. Does the Filling Really Matter in Kid's Autumn and Winter Duvets?

Yes – filling matters! Although you may prefer a duvet with a natural filling on your own bed such as down or feather for the winter months, this may not be practical for your kid’s autumn and winter bedding. While these natural fillings provide the ultimate warmth and insulation, they can be too hot for children. Instead, microfibre duvets such as our Night Owl Junior Duvet & Pillowcase Set are ideal at keeping kid's cosy without overheating. The innovative Smartfil® microfibre technology gives the duvet the benefit of excellent lightweight and breathable properties, while the tightly packed fibres help retain warmth.  

 Shop Kid's Duvet & Pillowcase Sets

3. Should Kid’s Autumn Winter Duvets Be Hypoallergenic?

Your kid’s summer allergies such as hay fever may be winding down with the return to school this autumn, however putting a hot and heavy tog, feather or down duvet on your kids’ bed may just continue your child’s itchy eyes and irritated skin. When buying a child’s winter duvet, it is important to consider purchasing hypo-allergenic bedding with a non-irritating filling in order to minimise any allergic reactions and provide your child with a comfortable night’s rest (essential for those busy back to school weeknights!). Our Night Owl Duvet is the perfect choice for keeping your kid’s allergies at bay while keeping them cosy and snug during the chilly winter months. 

Shop Night Owl Coverless Duvet Sets

September 08, 2021 — Sleep Expert