We all want a comfortable night’s sleep and what duvet you are using can really affect this. Our sleep experts know all the considerations that go into purchasing the correct duvet, such as tog rating and filling choices, which can make this task all the more daunting. Whether or not you have considered swapping out your duvet or are in the market for a new one, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be rating our top luxury duvets as well as discussing the difference between the fillings, feather and down. 

Difference Between Feather and Down Duvet

You may have heard of both feather and down duvets, but what is the difference between the two? The type of filling used is all down to where it’s found on the goose or duck. 

The feathers of these birds are extremely soft and are typically larger and much heavier than the down. As well as this, the shape of the feathers is also generally longer and more flat, meaning that you will have to use more feathers to fill a duvet than down. 

The ‘Down’ of a duck or goose is the soft under plumage which keeps the bird warm and dry. This acts as a layer of insulation, which goes beneath the feathers and is typically much fluffier and comes in small clusters.

You will find that duvets can be filled with either feathers or down as each gives a different effect and level of comfort. Down clusters have a natural spring back, which makes them a more supportive choice, as well as acting as a better insulator. Whereas a feather duvet is great for offering a more breathable filling. If you are someone who gets warm during the night, then having a duvet such as one filled with goose down could not be the best option. Swapping out your regular duvet for a feather one could be a great solution to keeping you cool throughout the night.

What is Special About Hungarian Goose Down?

So, what is so special about Hungarian Goose Down? If you are in the market for a luxury goose down duvet, we couldn’t recommend the Hungarian Goose Down products more highly. If you didn’t already know, Hungary is one of the world’s main sources of goose down, as they produce some of the highest quality bed filling around. When purchasing a duvet with this filling, you should expect a high-quality and comfortable duvet, which provides lightweight comfort alongside top notch heat insulation, which you just can’t beat! 

Without much further ado, let’s get into our top picks for favourite luxury duvets…

The Bronze Goose Down Duvet

Introducing the Bronze Goose Down duvet! If you’re thinking about switching out your normal duvet for a more luxurious one, may we recommend this opulent one? Covered in luxurious cotton, which only adds more natural indulgence, this duvet is guaranteed to include 90% Goose Down and 10% Goose Feather, all contained in a 280 thread count soft cotton cambric cover. 

In addition, this duvet has been internally certified as ethically sourced! Which means that you can sleep the night away, knowing that you are doing the best for the environment whilst also being super comfy!

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The Silver Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Next up, we have our Silver Collection Hungarian Goose Down duvet, which with it’s 90%, ethically sourced goose down filling is one of our plumpest and softest duvets to date. The filling is  also encased in a beautifully patterned cover which will add a final touch of elegance to any room. Also, this duvet is guaranteed to include 90% Hungarian Goose Down and 10% Hungarian Goose Feather, which along with it’s 300 thread count ultra fine cotton sateen cover, this naturally soft and indulgent duvet will have you dreaming the night away in style.

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The Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

If you’re looking for the gold standard when it comes to luxury duvets, you couldn’t get better than our Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet. Not only is this product made with your comfort in mind, our Gold Collection Hungarian Goose Down duvets has been certified A1 Grade, meaning it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best quality fillings in the world. Made with 100% Hungarian Goose Down and 420 thread count, this duvet will offer you the ultimate in comfort and luxury, but it drapes wonderfully around the body and is encased in silk-like cotton sateen. 

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January 20, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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