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Spundown® Duvet
Super soft & machine washable with sustainable Smartfil® filling
From £40.00
Breathe® Duvet
Temperature-regulating and home washable, made with Modal
From £55.00
Boutique Silk® Duvet
Luxury hotel style cotton-cover duvet with Smartfil & Silk filling
From £65.00
Goose Feather & Down Duvet
Ethically sourced & Downpass certified
From £78.00
Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet
Complete temperature management powered by HeiQ Cool technology
From £90.00
Allergy Defence Duvet
Ultimate 4-in-1 allergen protection, powered by HeiQ Allergen* Tech
From £47.50
Return To Nature Duvet
UK's First Eco Friendly Duvet With Biodegradable* Fibre Filling
From £80.00
Bronze Goose Down Duvet Spring/ Autumn 9 Tog
Double Size Only
Silver Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Summer 4.5 Tog
Double size only
Bronze Goose Down All Seasons (9 + 4.5 Tog) Duvet
Double Sizes Only
Silver Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Spring/ Autumn 9 Tog
Double & Super King size only
From £270.00
Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Spring/ Autumn 9 Tog
Single, Double Size Only
From £380.00

The Tog Rating Explained

The Tog rating doesn’t stand for the thickness or quality of a duvet. Instead, Tog is a measurement of warmth. The higher the Tog, the warmer the duvet.

The duvets you’ll find at The Fine Bedding Company have Togs ranging from 4.5 Tog to 13.5 Tog. Typically, a 4.5 Tog would be suitable for summer, a 7 or 10.5 Tog for Spring and Autumn, and a 13.5 Tog for winter. An all-season duvet consists of a 9 Tog and a 4.5 Tog duvets, which can be combined to create a 13.5 Tog duvet for winter.

When choosing a duvet tog, you’ll need to consider if you’re a warm or cold sleeper, the season, and your home’s insulation level. If you’re still unsure, read our Duvet Tog Guide to find out everything you need to know.

About the Fine Bedding Company Duvets

The Fine Bedding Company has a rich history in sleep science, with our duvet collection offering a wide range of choices.

Our duvets feature high-quality, all-natural materials like cotton, feather, and down, as well as advanced hi-tech fabrics and fillings. Whether you're new to luxury duvets or a seasoned user, you'll be surprised by the innovative features we offer.

Our duvet options include the Spundown Duvet, known for its ability to maintain shape after multiple washes, and anti-allergy duvets. For a touch of luxury, we offer the Boutique Silk Duvet, favoured by 5-star hotels. If temperature control is a concern, the Breathe Duvet is designed for year-round comfort.

For those who appreciate sustainability, we produce our duvets in a zero-waste eco-factory, powered entirely by renewable resources. Our commitment to protecting the environment is woven into every thread and fibre

Duvets are available in standard sizes, from single to super king, with a range of tog ratings from winter-warm 13.5 to light-as-a-summer-breeze 4.5.