Whether or not a duvet is sustainable is probably not something you’ve considered for previous purchases. But the world is changing, and alongside it, the human race too. 

With an ominous United Nations code red warning for humanity in place, individuals and businesses alike have at last sat up and listened. The effects of climate change are all too clear to see. Starving polar bears, melting glaciers, rising seas, catastrophic floods in Germany, monumental wildfires across the Mediterranean, America, Australia, the world in fact. 

It’s a pessimistic situation and Generation Z, are already worried about the world they’re inheriting. A particularly disturbing outcome is that research has found that an increasing number of young people are saying they won’t have children to avoid further damage to the planet by way of overpopulation.

It’s clear that Earth is indeed now at a precarious tipping point. If we carry on as we have been, the damage will be unassailable. Inaction is no longer an option for us. This truly is the time to unite, using our global conscience to motivate each and every one of us to do our bit before it's simply too late.


Eco Friendly Bedding

So, where does bedding come into all of this? The fact is that every time we make a purchase, we can either work against our planet or do something to help it. After all, with all the internet and social media in place, it’s easy to seek out those companies with strong ethical values. We can uncover sustainable products and the brands who practise kinder farming or are making a significant reduction to their waste and pollution. That moment before you hit the purchase button, you have the opportunity to do something, no matter how little or small it might seem, to ensure that the world is left in a better place for future generations.

Fine Bedding: Building a Sustainable Future

Fine Bedding is one such company who are meticulous down to the final detail, ensuring that they produce the highest quality products with a planetary conscience. 

Every single decision centres around sustainability. The team have worked tirelessly over recent years and are immensely proud that their microfibre duvet fillings use 25% less polyester than similar products. An impressive 38% of the polyester they do use in their manufactured products also comes from recycling other products, often plastic bottles emanating from well-known drink’s brands. It’s a work in motion though, and there’s never a day that passes where they don’t strive to improve on their sustainability.

Responsible sourcing is also something very dear to this well-respected fourth-generation British business. Over the last few years we’ve been following the same framework assessments that are used by B-Corporation, the internationally recognised standard for companies leading the way with sustainable practices. Our suppliers are carefully selected with a high priority placed on fair working conditions for their workforce. All of the cotton used by Fine Bedding is sourced through The Better Cotton Initiative, combining a number of global organisations with one interest at heart: to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

Not content with all of the above, The Fine Bedding Company also aims to reduce their overall environmental carbon footprint and their duvets currently have a 19% lower carbon footprint than the industry standard. You also have to give them a virtual high-five for the fact that they recycle an astonishing 95% of their factory waste. 

sustainable duvet

Sustainable Duvet

Popular with customers, the Smartdown Duvet is down-like luxury, without any actual involvement from ducks or geese! 

Instead this 5-star hotel favourite uses fibres that have been made from recycled plastic bottles, saving us from yet more landfill. It’s the advanced technology used by Fine Bedding that allows these fibres to be uniquely spun and blown to simulate the feel and warmth of natural down. Add to that a sustainably sourced gorgeous cotton cover and the result is a luxuriously soft to the touch eco-friendly duvet. 

Choose the heavier winter duvet option during the chillier months, then switch it up in spring for the lighter tog. Now you can drift off into a blissful night of sleep, safe in the knowledge that your guilt-free bedding is doing its bit for the planet.

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October 22, 2021 — Sleep Expert