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  • Does Sharing a Bed Help You Sleep Better or Worse?

    Valentine’s is just around the corner, and this year, whilst we can’t get dolled up and go out for a dinner at a romantic restaurant, we can still snuggle up next to our partners in bed and flick on a good rom-com. But this time of year begs the question, does sharing a bed help you sleep better or worse? This is a...
  • How Does the Quality of Your Duvet Affect Your Night's Sleep?

    There are many factors that can affect the quality of our sleep, both internal, external, controllable and uncontrollable. But with each of us spending approximately one third of our day sleeping, and the other two thirds being influenced by how well we slept, surely we should be doing all we can to catch those good quality Z’s? Whilst we can’t control the neighbours...
  • What is a Night Owl coverless duvet?

    There’s nothing better than crawling under a clean, warm duvet after a crisp winter day. Especially in January, the days are ridiculously short and it already starts getting dark around half three. After a long day at work, you just want to come home, relax and enjoy the warmth of a duvet. Coming home to a laundry bag filled with bed sheets is...
  • Our most asked question answered - What pillow should I be using?

    Essential to a good night's sleep, your pillow should be supportive and comfortable. The most important element is ensuring it is the right height in relation to your body frame and mattress firmness to position your body in a way that puts your spine into a natural and healthy alignment.