When it comes to changing our duvet covers, it can be such a chore for something that sounds like such a simple task, it can bring such difficulty, leaving you in a hot and frustrating flush. However, we're here to save you! When it comes to perfecting the technique there are numerous ways in which  this task can become more effective as well as even having some product alternatives in your home that can eliminate the stress altogether. In this article, we’ll be looking at all the techniques out there, exploring the alternatives that have revolutionised the bedding industry and how at The Fine Bedding, we can make life that little bit easier. 

How to Put On A Duvet Cover 

We all have different techniques and hacks that we’ve picked up over time on how to quickly fit a duvet cover, but an open conversation about what's most effective, and other solutions may not be present in your life until now. We all have to change our duvet covers at some point, yet it never seems as easy as it should be! Being one of life's little inconveniences, we are coming to you with our top tips on how to fit a bed sheet in a fuss free manner every time.

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1. The ‘Duvet Sheet Stuff’ 

Many of us know the classic ‘Duvet Sheet stuff’ ! The most obvious way, and probably one of the most popular, to change a duvet would be to stuff it inside the sheet and manually fit the corners, then, shake out the wrinkles.  This method can seem more time consuming but these tasks can just simply require the most simplistic and frankly, hands on method sometimes. The Fine Bedding offers numerous duvet covers and duvets to choose from, including a range of thread counts from 200 to 400 like this 400 Thread Count Smooth 100% Cotton Duvet Cover, perfect for the winter months. 

2. The ‘Inside-out Technique’ 

Secondly, is the ‘Inside-Out’ technique. As the name suggests, this method requires you to gather the corners from the duvet with an inside-out bedsheet and shake the bed sheet out.

As far as The Fine Bedding goes with luxury bed sheets, there are numerous options on offer. For that maximum night time relaxation, we have Smart temperature duvet cover. This 200 thread cotton count linen cover is perfect for that bedtime temperature management, with Smart Temp™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ. The duvet sheet has an intelligent thermoregulation system, adapting depending on your body temperature, an ideal cover for those with night sweats. It’s 200 count is an ideal weight to master the inside out technique and offers another quality to standard bed sheets, making it a little more worthwhile fit and allows for a more workable material when fitting your duvet sheets.

3. The ‘No Duvet Sheet Needed’

Now, this is the most effective method for duvet fitting to date! How revolutionary is the idea of not needing to fit one at all? Our Sleep Experts here at The Fine Bedding Company understand the struggle of fitting a duvet cover, so in response have created a product that eliminates the need to fit a bed sheet altogether. Introducing the coverless Night Owl duvet cover. This cover-less duvet is a convenient essential for the bedroom, by eliminating the bed sheet altogether, just pop in the wash as a whole and it takes as little as 90 minutes to dry. Gone are the days of fighting with a bed sheet. Especially helpful to those that hate fitting a duvet sheet in general, but also for those who are less able, for example those who have Parkinsons, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, hand injury, raynaud's etc. Fine Bedding Night Owl comes in numerous colours and designs including Night Owl Herringbone and Night Owl, Natural Cotton Waffle, perfect for a convenient and stylish look.

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March 10, 2022 — Sleep Expert