March means one thing, well two, warmer days and longer nights but also Mothers Day! A time when all mothers want is a bit of peace and quiet when it comes to the relaxation they need. It can be tricky picking out a present that signifies all that you're thankful for, however here at The Fine Bedding Company we believe that one luxury is a well-rested peaceful night's sleep. So in this article, we’ll discuss all aspects at The Fine Bedding Company we know will ensure maximum comfort alongside a perfect breakfast in bed setup for the big day and a celebration of a peaceful rest. Providing that simple four step breakdown to ensure maximum comfort to treat your mum to on Mothers Day, a bedding delight when it comes to finding luxury. 

  1. Luxury Duvet Upgrade 

Gift your mum a lifetime of pure luxury with one of the best and most luxurious duvet covers in the world, Fine Bedding Company’s Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet . With this certified A1 Grade standard, it is internationally acknowledged to be one of the best. Perfectly matched to wow your mum away on Mother’s Day and a simple solution to the most restful night's sleep. With its 100% Hungarian Goose Down and 420 thread count on silky-soft cotton sateen, it's the ultimate slice of luxury for anyone this Mother's Day. At The Fine Bedding Company we want everyone to endure this luxury so we’ve made it in all sizes; single, double, king, and super king. As well as that, with the warmer seasons approaching this down duvet is also available in a spring and summer tog alongside seasonal tog guide to make it easier than ever to decide your bedtime temperature. 

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2. Gift A Revolutionary Night Owl

When it comes to ultimate comfort, we can’t go anywhere without mentioning the cosy comfort of a lightweight, soft-touch Night Owl duvet. This ultimate no-sheet duvet cover is a revelation when it comes to saving time and money on duvet sheets. Eliminating fitting and washing the duvet sheet from your mum's to-do list with a big sigh of relief, this coverless Night Owl Herringbone is ideal for the whole family. With its re-imagination of the traditional duvet, it adds a level of convenience your mum will absolutely adore, being machine washable and dryable in such 90 minutes. It will be good as new and it takes convenience to a whole other level. Available in 3 colours; Storm Grey, Fjord Blue and French Plum, it's perfectly suited to any style, and with its waves of texture is a stylistic option for a bedroom rebrand into spring. 

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3. Jazz Up The Bedroom With Luxury Accessories 

Nothing screams luxury like a lot of fancy cushions on the bed, especially those with gold details that resemble an expensive fine art painting. With its emerald green and gold foiled qualities our Emerald Green Cushion with Gold Detail abstract cushion will add a luxury touch to any bed or living space. With its plump polyester fibre pad, it provides maximum comfort for that Mothers Day snooze or a perfect backdrop for that well-deserved breakfast in bed on the big day! 

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4. Level Up The Comfort 

In order to achieve a restful night's sleep a lot of it results in a restful surface to lie in, one where you sink into rather than manoeuvring to try and not get poked by the springs. With this Dual Layer Mattress Topper it’s a perfect solution to level up comfort without the fuss, or the chore of buying an expensive new mattress, why not give your mum the next best thing? A luxury mattress topper, one that easily fits onto the existing mattress and revolutionizes the comfort of a night's sleep. Providing that extra layer of comfort to any mattress, Fine Bedding Company’s Dual Layer Mattress Topper is guaranteed to fill your mum with joy about her restful night's sleep to come. With its zip, it's just as easy to clean and convenient to fit as any duvet cover. A perfect gift to wrap and surprise your mum with this Mother's Day! 

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March 11, 2022 — Sleep Expert