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  • Our most asked question answered - What pillow should I be using?

    Essential to a good night's sleep, your pillow should be supportive and comfortable. The most important element is ensuring it is the right height in relation to your body frame and mattress firmness to position your body in a way that puts your spine into a natural and healthy alignment. 
  • Can you sleep better and feel better?

    Can you sleep better and feel better?

    As sleep disorders and mental health disorders often go together, sleeping well might be easier said than done. Supporting both sleep and mental health means treating both. Seek therapy and talk to your doctor about how you can manage any serious mental health issues. At the same time, consider steps you can take to improve your sleep health. Are you overlooking important ways...
  • The average bedtime for adults in Britain is revealed!

    The average bedtime for adults in Britain is revealed!

    During the working week the average bedtime for adults in Britain is 10.43pm, according to our new national research for Sleeptember. The online survey which polled 2,000 British adults to paint an accurate picture of the nation’s sleeping habits was conducted as part of our big Sleeptember campaign. Our survey also reveals that the average night’s sleep lasts just 6 hours and 28 minutes...
  • How to wash a duvet - the ultimate guide

    How to wash a duvet - the ultimate guide

    Duvets and pillows are often the most neglected items of bedding when it comes to washing. People regularly wash bed linen but tend to either forget about the duvets inside or consider this as a big chore – not even during the annual spring clean. And who wants to lug a big duvet to the launderette or dry cleaners? However, it’s perhaps easier...
  • Dr Hillarys sleep tips

    Dr Hillarys sleep tips

    Problems sleeping? GMTV’s Dr Hilary offers key advice on how to combat sleep problems. During sleep our bodies rest and relax physically and mentally. Sleep allows the restoration of tissue damage, and the excretion of toxic substances from our body such as lactic acid. In our sleep, we consolidate memory and learning from that day and recuperate from illness and the effects of...
  • Does your pillow need replacing?

    Does your pillow need replacing?

    If you’re suffering from sleepless nights, your pillow may be to blame. An old, worn pillow or one that does not suit your sleeping style can result in uncomfortable, interrupted sleep and sleepless nights. A good pillow is a vital ingredient to a good night’s sleep. Your pillow cradles the head, and aligns your neck with your spine for comfort and support throughout...
  • Washability & care

    Washability & care

    Confused about how to care for your bedding? Or why you should wash your bedding regularly? Read on! If you suffer from allergies, have young children, or need to wash your bedding frequently you should opt for a synthetic product. Our new range of Smartfil® synthetics are also highly breathable, soft and light whilst being easy to care for. They also retain their...
  • Mattress Toppers & Mattress Protectors

    Mattress Toppers & Mattress Protectors

    Mattress toppers and enhancers are thicker than mattress protectors and lie directly on top of your mattress. They add a luxurious extra layer for increased comfort and the ultimate protection for your mattress. What are the benefits of using mattress toppers and enhancers? Can be used on both old/worn and new mattresses Greatly extends the life of new mattresses Provides a solution to...
  • Lightweight vs heavyweight duvets

    Lightweight vs heavyweight duvets

    When you’re lying in bed drifting off to sleep, do you like to feel tucked in with the reassuring weight of a heavy duvet upon you? Or do you prefer a breathable, lightweight duvet that gives you the freedom to drift off? Perhaps you’d actually like a feeling that’s somewhere between the two, with a medium weight duvet that’s built for warmth and...
  • Insomnia


    The sad truth is, most people experience sleeplessness at some point during their lives. But what is the difference between a restless night and insomnia? Insomnia is a sleep disorder, where the sufferer regularly has problems falling asleep, or remaining asleep throughout the night. Symptoms of insomnia include finding it hard to fall asleep even though you’re feeling tired and unexplained waking during...
  • Good sleep hygiene

    Good sleep hygiene

    Sleep hygiene doesn’t just refer to the cleanliness of your environment, but rather – what you do to prepare for sleep as part of a pre-sleep routine. Getting a good night’s sleep should be easy, but if you’ve been having problems falling or staying asleep recently you may be suffering from poor sleep hygiene. Ensuring good sleep hygiene is easy and involves following...
  • Dust mites

    Dust mites

    Dust mite allergies are one of the most common allergies in the UK, and can have an adverse effect on your sleep. Dust mites are tiny, bug-like creatures that live among the fibres of carpet, bedding, curtains, and all kinds of upholstery. At a quarter of a millimetre long, they are invisible to the human eye. Studies have shown that our bed is...
  • Boost mental agility

    Boost mental agility

    Sleep has long been known as a major influencer on brain functioning. We share our top tips to sleep your way to improved mental performance. Better focus, concentration and motivation after a good night’s sleep isn’t simply down to having more energy. Sleep is vital for your brain to repair and recover, process and retain the information from the day, and perform vital...
  • Bed bugs

    Bed bugs

    All the information you need to know about those pesky bed invaders, and how to deal with them No one likes the idea of sharing their bed with insects, but the truth is, bed bugs have been around for centuries, and with infestations becoming more common, isn’t it about time we knew more? What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are small, flat insects...
  • Allergy advice

    Allergy advice

    Top tips for allergy sufferers for better sleep According to Allergy UK: An allergy is caused when the body’s immune system reacts to a normally harmless substance, such as pollen, food, or the house dust mite. The body identifies this substance as a threat and produces an inappropriate, exaggerated response to it. Latest surveys and research show that allergies are on the increase,...