Do you have trouble falling asleep after a long day? Maybe you are anxious after a long day or maybe, the quality of sleep you are getting just isn’t what it used to be. Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we truly understand that it’s not just about the amount of sleep you are getting but also how peaceful it is. In this article, we will be focusing on the benefits of listening to music whilst falling asleep, including how it boosts the overall quality, how it relaxes both the body and mind, as well as how it triggers those all-important happiness chemicals. Read until the end to get a sneak peek at our curated Spring Sleep Playlist, created by our Sleep Experts.

Boosts Sleep Quality

Choosing songs that can help you feel both relaxed and overall happy, can help you fall asleep faster and have a better quality snooze. Always choose pleasant songs and try to ensure that they have calming overtones. Some people swear by listening to rain or wave sounds over music - but there is something to be said for sticking on one of your favourite playlists and falling asleep to some familiar tunes. Speaking of familiar, studies have suggested that falling asleep to songs where you already know the lyrics and are familiar with the beat can also be a boost your quality of sleep. If you already know the song, your brain is not working overtime to listen and understand the lyrics, therefore, it acts as mostly background noise which can help lull you into that recommend seven to eight hours of sleep we all need.

Making listening to calming tunes before bed can be made a step in your nightly routine. By curling up in bed, dimming the lights, and putting on a playlist that you have created, the soothing music will signal to your body that now is the time to rest.

General Relaxation

Music is of course also good general relaxation. If you are someone who has very stressful days ahead or can’t seem to fall asleep due to racing thoughts then listening to calming music could help you relax, reset and focus on the task of falling asleep. Don’t just take our word for it - it’s scientifically proven! If the song is in the sweet spot of 60 to 80 BPMs, which stands for beats per minute, then it closely mimics our normal resting heart rate. If you suffer from anxiety or feel generally stressed at the end of a long day, then may find that your feel your heart beating faster than normal. Use music to calm yourself down before bed and slow your heart rate to a normal, if not relaxed pace. 

Triggers Feel-Good Chemicals

Listening to music can be some of our favourite times of the day, whether we are singing along to our favourite song in the car or have our headphones in on a long walk - playing our most liked tunes can be a sure-fire way to lift our mood. Do you know why that is? Music can actually stimulate our serotonin production, which is the key to making us feel happier and leads to triggering these ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

A woman enjoying some music before bed

For example, people who suffer from depression actually have a lack of this chemical, they are encouraged to find ways to try and boost their natural levels of serotonin. One of the main reasons why our Sleep Experts recommend listening to music is, and we think we can all agree, that it’s a lot easier to fall asleep at night when you are in a happier mood.

Our Spring Sleep Playlist

Without further ado, may we introduce our Spring Sleep Playlist. Complete with songs that will put you in the mood for warmer weather, but also for a relaxing, ‘feel-good’ sleep, our Sleep Experts have come together and created a playlist that is full of good songs. If you want to fall asleep to peaceful music and feel the benefits mentioned above, then why not give our playlist a listen!

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April 12, 2022 — Sleep Expert