Valentine’s is just around the corner, and this year, whilst we can’t get dolled up and go out for a dinner at a romantic restaurant, we can still snuggle up next to our partners in bed and flick on a good rom-com. But this time of year begs the question, does sharing a bed help you sleep better or worse?

This is a question that divides the nation just as much as Marmite lovers vs Marmite haters. One camp will say that sleeping next to a partner brings comfort, warmth and companionship, and that nothing quite compares to those late night deep conversations and cuddles. The other camp will disagree. Waking up whenever they get up to go to the bathroom, playing silent tug of war with the sheets and the differing opinions on the perfect night time room temperature. They might even be considering a Sleep Divorce if they aren’t already! 

Sleep Divorce: When you and your partner retreat to different beds or rooms overnight to prevent disrupted sleep.

So what does science say? Here at Fine Bedding Company we are all about the science...

Does Sharing a Bed Help You Sleep Better?

According to a sleep study conducted by Henning Johannes Drews, a researcher at the Centre for Integrative Psychiatry, found that couples who sleep side-by-side have benefited from enhanced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep compared to when they slept apart. This stage of sleep helps with social interactions, problem solving, emotion regulation and memory.

However, this study did conclude that you don’t necessarily need a partner to sleep well. Some of us sleep well by ourselves, regardless of whether we are single or sleep divorced. Similarly, if your partner is a disruptive sleeper i.e. is loud or restless, then separate beds may help you to get a more uninterrupted sleep.

So there you have it, if you are team ‘co-sleeper’ there is nothing in science against it. In Fact it can be quite good for you. But likewise, this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t fall into a blissful sleep when you are snoozing solo. 

How to Sleep Better With a Partner

So with the science suggesting that sleeping with a partner does in fact enhance your REM sleep, we are here to help with all the other factors that go into a good night’s sleep when co-sleeping. For example if you and your partner disagree on the perfect room temperature or duvet tog, or you’re constantly fighting a duvet tug of war, we might have just the answer you’re looking for. Call off the Sleep Divorce!

If you or your partner are a self-confessed duvet hog, one option could be upping the size of your duvet. For example, if you sleep on a King sized mattress, trying a Super King sized duvet could give you that extra foot of duvet you’ve been craving. You can explore our range of duvets in all sizes from Single to Super King here. 

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Alternatively, you can do as the Sweed’s do and opt for a singular duvet each. You have the benefit of still being able to have you pre-sleep snuggle, but can both retire to your separate sides of the bed with your own personal duvet. The other pro of this is that you can each have separate togs, materials and filling depending on your personal preference. If you want to help finding your perfect duvet, you can read our popular blog Get To Know Your Duvet Tog and Which One is Right For You here. 

Alternatively, if you are the couple that struggles with different temperature preferences, our new Smart Temperature Range is the answer to your woes. Just because you share the same bed, doesn’t mean you have morphed into one human being with the same needs. Regulated body temperature is essential for well-being and comfort, and it is different for everyone. This is why we have created a bedding collection packed with revolutionary HeiQ Smart Temp technology that dynamically responds to body heat. When you overheat, the cooling function is activated, and when you cool down it is deactivated. What makes this even better? It will respond to your temperature and your partner's temperature separately! 

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February 02, 2021 — Sleep Expert