There’s nothing better than crawling under a clean, warm duvet after a crisp winter day. Especially in December, the days are ridiculously short and it already starts getting dark around half three. After a long day at work, you just want to come home, relax and enjoy the warmth of a duvet. Coming home to a laundry bag filled with bed sheets is the last we want. The Night Owl coverless duvet ensures that making your bed is easier than it’s ever been.

What Makes the Night Owl Coverless Duvet Special?


We all know the frustration that comes with making your bed. The infinite struggle with getting the duvet cover on by yourself, that’s a progress we’d gladly skip. With the Night Owl coverless duvet, those problems will be solved forever! As the name says, the Night Owl coverless duvet doesn’t need a duvet cover. You simply take the duvet out of its packaging and throw it onto your couch or bed. The only thing missing is a lovely cup of tea or hot cocoa.  

How Can You Wash a Night Owl Coverless Duvet?


Now, you might wonder how a duvet can be cleaned when it has no duvet cover. Thankfully, the Night Owl coverless duvets are entirely washable! No worries, you won’t have to wash them by hand, you can just put them in the washing machine. It’s as simple as that. Because of the lightweight fibre of the Night Owl coverless duvet, it only takes 90 minutes to dry when you tumble dry on a low heat. As the duvet is designed with unique compressible fibres, you’ll never have to worry about the Night Owl duvet to lose its shape. In only a few hours’ time, you have your clean duvet back on your bed. Without jumping around with a duvet cover over your head, looking like Casper the friendly ghost.

Which Night Owl Coverless Duvet Fits Me Best?


The Night Owl coverless duvet is available in three different sizes: single, double and king. That makes the Night Owl duvet perfect for both kids’ rooms, your own bedroom and the couch. We won’t blame you if you just want to snuggle up under the duvet on the couch while having a cosy night in.

We believe that a duvet should not only be practical and comfortable, but also stylish. Therefore, the Night Owl coverless duvet is available in over 5 different designs. The duvet comes in stylish colours, such as Dusty Pink, Aurora Green, Twilight Blue, Cloud Grey and White Seersucker.

When choosing which duvet fits you best, it’s important to keep seasonal changes in mind. In winter you’ll need a different duvet than you will in summer. That’s why we offer the Night Owl duvet in both 4.5 tog and 10.5 tog. 4.5 tog being perfect for summer, whereas 10.5 tog is perfect for all year round. That’s how we always keep you warm and comfy!

The Night Owl pillowcase

The finishing touch to your new duvet is a matching pillowcase. Of course, we want everything to match and be as easy as washing the Night Owl coverless duvet. With the Night Owl pillowcase, you enjoy the soft touch every night. Washing day remains easy, as the pillowcase is washable at 40 degrees and can even be dried in the tumble dryer. How convenient is that? You can match the pillowcase to your duvet as we offer the same colours. Would you rather mix and match? No problem! That’s all up to you.

Where Can I Buy a Night Owl Coverless Duvet?

The Fine Bedding Company offers the Night Owl coverless duvet and pillowcase in various colours and sizes. Everything you’ll need for a comfortable night’s sleep in one place. You can easily order the Night Owl coverless duvet online at Fine Bedding, or alternatively at your nearest John Lewis store. The Fine Bedding Company makes sure your new bedding gets delivered as quickly as possible. Within 3 to 5 working days, you can enjoy the warmth and cosiness of your new coverless duvet. Sleep tight!

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December 15, 2020 — Sleep Expert