It’s Time To Tog Up And Snuggle Down

Posted on 09 / 02 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

Changing your duvet to a higher tog will keep you warm and deliver a great night’s sleep

Tog. It is only three letters, but can make such a big difference to your night’s sleep. Unravelling this mysterious and peculiarly English term is simple: the higher the number, the warmer the duvet.

The tog rating is directly related to the warmth the duvet provides – or to be technical about it ‘thermal resistance’. Here’s a quick guide to what tog is best for each season:

Tog Guide

You can find out more about tog in our Sleep Experts section.

We spend on average 7-8 hours in bed every night, surrounded by our duvet of choice. But most of us (57%) do not have the best type of duvet for our body’s requirements or the time of year. Our latest survey results revealed seven out of ten people don’t know what type of duvet, or tog we are sleeping under.

Breathe ImagePrices start from £45 for a single 4.5 tog Breathe duvet. They’re also available in 7.0, 10.5, 13.5 and Four Season tog variations and from single to super king.

Breathe pillows are also available at £25 each.

Sleepsoft duvets start from £25.00 for a single 10.5 tog. They are also available in 13.5 and 15 tog variations, from single to super king.

Make sure you check your duvet tog and stay warm, cosy and sleep well between now and the clocks springing forward!

You can buy our products online at to buy online or find your local stockists to view our full range.

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