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Lightweight vs Heavyweight Duvets

Posted on by Sleep Expert

When you’re lying in bed drifting off to sleep, do you like to feel tucked in with the reassuring weight of a heavyweight duvet upon you? Or do you prefer a breathable, lightweight duvet that gives you the freedom to drift off? Perhaps you’d actually like a feeling that’s somewhere between the two, with a medium weight duvet that’s built for warmth and comfort. Whichever way you prefer, finding a duvet that’s the right weight for you is one of the key steps for getting a better night’s sleep.

Lightweight Duvets

A light weight duvet will feel soft and snuggly, with no weight bearing down on your body, for a ‘cloud-like’ feeling when you’re drifting off to sleep.

  • Smartfil® duvets are lightweight yet thermally efficient. They feature more layers and better airflow, offering loft and drape. We’ve combined this with a high thread count cotton cover on our Finest Luxury Cotton duvet.
  • If you prefer a natural duvet filling, opt for a duvet with a higher percentage of down, such as our Goose Down Duvet. This lightweight duvet contains 60% goose down, which is extremely light and an excellent natural thermal insulator.

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Heavyweight Duvets

  • Heavyweight duvets give you a secure, wrapped up feeling as you drift off to sleep. If you like the comforting weight of your duvet to encase you in bed, a heavier weight duvet like our Duck Feather and Down duvet is ideal and can often be a great choice for winter.
  • Natural fillings usually make the best heavy duvets, particularly those with a higher percentage of feathers.

Duvet Weight and Tog

  • Many people are mistaken when they think that a duvet’s tog is a measure of its weight. This is not the case – your duvet’s tog rating is actually a measurement of the amount of warmth it provides. A higher tog number will therefore provide a warmer duvet.
  • You could have a heavyweight duvet with a low tog, or a lightweight duvet with a high tog, so ensuring that you select the right tog rating is just as important as choosing the right duvet weight.
  • As a rough guide, we recommend a winter duvet tog of 13.5-15, and a summer duvet tog of 4.5-6.You can find out more about tog in the sleep experts section.

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