Confused about how to care for your bedding? Or why you should wash your bedding regularly? Read on!

If you suffer from allergies, have young children, or need to wash your bedding frequently you should opt for a synthetic product. Our new range of Smartfil® synthetics are also highly breathable, soft and light whilst being easy to care for with easy duvet washability. They also retain their shape and plumpness, even after washing.

Caring for Synthetics

  • All of our synthetic bedding is washable
  • All products in our Spundown range are washable in a standard 7kg domestic washing machine.
  • Washing helps cleanse the product of any accumulated moisture and dust, keeps it hygienic and refreshes the filling.
  • The Spundown range is also washable at 60°C which is the temperature that kills dust mites – making it the ideal bedding range for allergy sufferers.
  • Always check the care label sewn into the product before attempting to wash your bedding


Caring for Naturals

  • Natural duvets should be washed with extreme care – specialist cleaning is highly recommended, as natural filled products can not be washed and dried at home, regardless of the capacity or capability of the machine.
  • It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that natural duvets be thoroughly dried. Even though a duvet may feel dry to the touch, the filling inside often holds on to moisture so if the duvet is not dried properly, rotting of the filling can occur.
  • Often, the chemical used in the dry cleaning process can damage the delicate natural feathers and down in natural filled products, which will cause them to quickly deteriorate over time.
  • We recommended instead that you take them to be professionally cleaned – a process that doesn’t require any special chemicals but does ensure thorough cleansing and drying of the duvet/pillow/topper.


May 17, 2019 — Sleep Expert