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The average bedtime for adults in Britain is revealed!

Posted on by Sleep Expert

During the working week the average bedtime for adults in Britain is 10.43pm, according to our new national research for Sleeptember.

The online survey which polled 2,000 British adults to paint an accurate picture of the nation’s sleeping habits was conducted as part of our big Sleeptember campaign.

Our survey also reveals that the average night’s sleep lasts just 6 hours and 28 minutes and that sleepy Brits don’t think they’re getting enough shut eye. Though weeknights sees UK homes turn out the lights reasonably early, an astonishing three out of 10 householders claim they would be more productive at work if their boss allowed them to have a brief nap during the working day.

  • The nation’s addiction to technology like smartphones and tablet computers is the main reason most Brits admit they don’t get enough sleep. Half of those polled – exactly 50% – admit the last thing they put down before finally turning out the light is a computer or smartphone.
  • More than half of the UK (54%) say their sleep is routinely interrupted by a night-time trip to the toilet. And 30% of Brits complain that their partner’s snoring regularly spoils their good night’s sleep.
  • Nearly a third of the UK (30%) blames lack of sleep on being too hot or too cold under their duvet – maybe because the majority (51%) say they use the same duvet throughout the seasons not changing togs for cooler sleeping in summer or to keep warm in the winter.
  • Just over a quarter of the UK says anxiety keeps them awake at night and some 56% of the nation admits it isn’t satisfied with the amount of sleep it gets on an average night.
  • Yet more than eight out of 10 Brits (81%) said getting a good night’s sleep is more important than food, a holiday, wealth and even catching up with friends.
  • Almost nine out of 10 British adults (89%) even claim they LOVE sleep.

We were astonished to find with the huge majority of Brits admitting they love sleep and so many claiming they don’t get enough sleep at night, that Britain doesn’t go to bed earlier on a weeknight.

It seems that even when we are under the duvet there are too many distractions – particularly due to us keeping tabs on Facebook through our smartphones and tablets – to get a decent night’s sleep. Then when it’s not Facebook its our snoring husbands and wives who are to blame. At the same time there are some simple changes that can help avoid a disturbed night’s sleep such as changing their duvet according to the seasons, a change over which half of the UK don’t make.

All in all it would seem to us that Britain is having a nightmare with its sleep patterns on a nightly basis, do you agree?

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