Top 5 Sleep Tips For Sleeptember

Posted on 18 / 09 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

Sleep can be affected by so many elements – from what we eat through to the bedroom environment, to help we have compiled our Top 5 Sleep Tips relating to bedding to ensure you have a great night’s slumber this Sleeptember.

1. Get the right pillow for your needs

Get the right pillow to improve sleepIf you’re suffering from sleepless nights your pillow might be to blame. A good pillow definitely contributes to a great night’s sleep and is the secret to pain-free, blissful sleep. A pillow should cradle the head and align your neck with your spine providing comfort and support throughout the night. Pillows vary widely in support level and there are specialist pillows too – refresh your pillow for as little as £20 in from our online store.

2. Differ your duvet according to the seasons   

We spend on average of seven to eight hours under it every night but most of us (around half) either don’t have the best type of duvet for our body’s requirements/time of year and seven out of ten don’t know what type of duvet we were sleeping with. For a great night’s sleep some of the newest duvets on the market now have even more breathability than ever before (and above natural products) thanks to advances in technology. This contributes to better temperature control, delivering warmth but helping to keep the body at the right temperature so we stay asleep.

3. Top your mattress with an extra layer of comfort

add a matress topper to improve sleepObserving that lower back and neck pain and constant tossing and turning are all signs that the bed might not be quite as good as it used to be, if your mattress has seen better days, with springs and lumps  and bumps sticking up, it might be hindering sleep. If you can’t afford to replace your mattress, a mattress topper is the ideal solution – this is one of our top sleep tips! You can get toppers in luxurious duck feather and down or synthetic filled toppers designed to regulate temperature and wick moisture. Toppers also protect your old or new mattress from further wear and tear as well as giving added comfort.

4. Changing Your Tog

Four seasons duvets – two separate quilts, one 4.5 and one 9.0 tog, that can be used separately in warmer seasons or together in very cold weather to provide 13.5 togs of warmth – may seem like a luxury, but they are a wise buy, as they prevent you from becoming too hot or too cold in the widely fluctuating British climes. If you’re sleeping under a duvet that has a tog rating of 9 or above in the summer months, you may suffer disturbed sleep due to your body overheating throughout the night.

5. Anti Allergy

If you have allergies, choose bedding that eases your symptoms so they don’t keep you awake during the night. Most Anti Allergy ranges with proven allergy reduction technology indicate whether they’re anti allergenic on the packaging but it’s also worth noting that many synthetic duvets can be washed at the temperature that kills dustmites (60°C).

We hope these top sleep tips help you to achieve a great night’s sleep this “Sleeptember”. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips to sleep soundly every night of the year.

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