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3 Step Guide To Buying Kids Autumn Winter Duvets

Posted on by Sleep Expert

With the summer holidays having drawn to a close, you may have found yourself switching out the summer clothes and ditching the sun hats for school uniform and book bags. But have you thought about swapping out the kids summer duvets and getting out the back to school bedding ready for the autumn? As the nights are starting to draw in and with the temperature dropping, this is the ideal time to get out the autumn and winter duvets. Perhaps you are unsure what to look for when buying your kids new autumn bedding? Keep reading our kids duvet guide to help you find the right back to school bedding. 

Kids winter bedding

1. Is a heavy tog duvet a must for kids’ autumn winter duvets?

As the nights get cooler, you may automatically think you need to switch the kid’s duvets to the heaviest tog available. However, unlike adults, children can find it a lot harder to regulate their body temperature and are at a higher risk of overheating when faced with a duvet of a very high tog rating. Although it may sound counterintuitive, when buying your kids autumn duvet, we recommend around a 7.5 tog, as a tog rating much higher than this could cause a hot and uncomfortable night’s sleep for your child, even during the cold months. Our 7 tog Breathe Duvet is the perfect autumn kids duvet, as it is not only the ideal weight, but it is also machine washable making it ideal for the times when muddy marks appear and accidental bedwetting occurs.  

2. Does the filling really matter in kids’ autumn and winter duvets?

Yes – filling matters! Although you may prefer a duvet with a natural filling on your own bed such as down or feather for the winter months, this may not be practical for your kid’s autumn and winter bedding. While these natural fillings provide the ultimate warmth and insulation, they can be too hot for children. Instead, microfibre duvets such as our Night Owl Junior Duvet & Pillowcase Set are ideal at keeping kids cosy without overheating. The innovative Smartfil® microfibre technology gives the duvet the benefit of excellent lightweight and breathable properties, while the tightly packed fibres help retain warmth.  

3. Should kid’s autumn winter duvets be hypoallergenic?

Your kid’s summer allergies such as hay fever may be winding down with the return to school this autumn, however putting a hot and heavy tog, feather or down duvet on your kids’ bed may just continue your child’s itchy eyes and irritated skin. When buying a child’s winter duvet, it is important to consider purchasing hypo-allergenic bedding with a non-irritating filling in order to minimise any allergic reactions and provide your child with a comfortable night’s rest (essential for those busy back to school weeknights!). Our Night Owl Duvet is the perfect choice for keeping your kid’s allergies at bay while keeping them cosy and snug during the chilly winter months.