As the school gates draw open, a collective sigh of relief can be felt across the nation’s parents. All of whom are more than ready to reinstate a back to school routine and regain a sense of normality. Not to mention, some breathing space and time to actually drink a whole cup of tea. 

But the same thing always happens every year, doesn’t it? We’ve all read the textbook version of getting kids back into a routine for school. Go back to their regular bedtime and start getting them up earlier, the experts say. Practise getting everyone out the door by 8am. Of course, you nod. Get them reading to you every day. Mmmm. For some reason, implementing a back-to-school routine is far easier said than done. 

One of the hardest things is getting kids into the evening routine. And it’s fair to say that there’s resistance from both sides. How many children want to go to bed earlier when they’ve been allowed to stay up all summer? Let’s just say that nothing ever goes as smoothly in real life. Unless you’re the most incredibly disciplined parent with exceptionally compliant children that is!

Fortunately, it only takes a few days to re-establish routines as long as you’re consistent with them. Even if you haven’t started yet, read on to find out how you can get that all-important evening routine back in place.

Night-time Routine for Kids

There’s no doubt that good sleep is essential for happy, healthy, and alert children. Especially at school age, it helps them to focus, remain attentive and get the most out of their school day.

One of the best ways to ensure that kids are school-ready is to get them back into a consistent bedtime routine at the same time every night. By keeping things repetitive, this creates psychological cues, telling their mind to relax and wind-down. To achieve this, the Sleep Foundation Recommends that the same three to four activities should be carried out in the same order every night. For school-age children, these might include:

  •       Nutritious snack or cup of milk
  •       Brushing teeth and going to the bathroom
  •       Reading a book
  •       Massage or cuddling
  •       Talking about the day

The bedtime routine should ideally culminate with a goodnight kiss and lights out. If your child doesn’t like the lights off, don’t stress. You can leave a bedside light on or nightlights. And we all know the reality is that lots of kids want you to stay with them for a while. If that’s your thing, do whatever you feel comfortable with. In the longer term, it’s better for them to learn to go to sleep independently. But one battle at a time, right?

Back to School Bedding

Half the challenge is getting kids into a state of mind where they want to go to bed. New bedding always makes sleeping more exciting. So, why not try our Night Owl Junior Duvet and Pillowcase set? This remarkably lightweight fibre fill duvet and cover in one means that it's incredibly snug, creating the perfect environment for sleep.

It’s incredible softness is down to an advanced fibre technology, meaning that the cover is filled with 100% Smartfil® polyester. You might be wondering what’s so special about Smartfil®? Well, it achieves the same thermal efficiency as a premium natural down duvet in the equivalent tog, but it's filled with much finer fibres making it easy to wash and hypoallergenic. An innovative manufacturing process also means that more air is allowed to flow through the duvet. That makes it an exceptionally breathable, warm, cloud-like duvet, the ultimate in comfort.

Not only that but the Night Owl Junior Duvet and Pillowcase will make life so much easier for you as well. Forget struggling with covers, the clever design means that this duvet comes already encased within an amazingly soft cover. It’s also really easy to keep this duvet clean and hygienic, ultra-convenient for those instances of night-time bedwetting, sweating and childhood sickness.

To reduce frequency of washing, use a flat cotton sheet between yourself and the coverless duvet. When it does need a refresh, pop it in the washing machine at an energy-friendly 40° then dry it in a tumble dryer for around 90 minutes on a cooler setting. Just make sure that it's completely dry before you pop it back on the bed to avoid fibres clumping together.

Now you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your most precious ones can sleep easily, and be ready for the school day. And of course, when they’re happy, you’re happy!

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September 06, 2021 — James Oakley