With the UN’s recent code red warning, time is running out for humanity to make the necessary changes, meaning that sustainable products and business practices are ever more important. But if you want to buy something that’s really sustainable, where should you begin? There are so many companies out there calling themselves ethical, environmentally friendly, or sustainable. Can they all really claim to be? Or is it just great marketing and clever capitalising on the latest buzz words. Let’s just say it definitely pays to do some research before you make that purchase.

Fortunately, you can feel completely reassured that The Fine Bedding Company is a brand that has taken the global emergency to heart and who are fully committed to doing their bit. That’s also why they’ve set about creating sustainable products that give back to the planet. 

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Night Owl: Eco-friendly Bedding

Our best-selling Night Owl range is a range of exceptionally lightweight coverless duvets, that also double up as a blanket. 

The thing that makes the Night Owl duvet sustainable is the strikingly soft cover filled with 100% Smartfil® polyester. So what’s special about that you might well ask? Unbelievably, Smartfil® filling is made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. The kind that houses some of the world’s most famous soft drinks in fact. Thankfully, the inception of this cutting-edge technology means that empty bottles can be saved from landfill and our oceans and repurposed into the filling for duvets instead. 

If you’re reading this with a raised eyebrow, wondering how on earth a piece of scratchy plastic could possibly make its way into a duvet, you wouldn’t be the first! Listen to the facts though and you’ll wish you’d already converted to one of these duvets.

Not only is Smartfil® incredibly soft, but it also achieves the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog. Down, often a by-product from the meat industry, has received a lot of bad press in recent times because of the unethical farming and plucking methods that have been used. Thankfully, Smartfil® doesn’t have this issue so no animals have been harmed in the making of the versatile Night Owl duvet

Another benefit of Smartfil® is that it uses finer fibres. In fact, Fine Bedding’s microfibre duvet fillings use 25% less polyester than similar competitor products whilst still maintaining the same warmth rating. A unique manufacturing process additionally allows more air to flow through the duvet. Whilst incredibly soft, this is duvet stuffing that lasts too. The end-result is a wonderfully inviting warm, highly breathable, comforting duvet. 

It’s also important to point out that over 97% of the cotton used in Fine Bedding products is sourced through The Better Cotton Initiative. If you’ve not heard of this before, it’s the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. Better Cotton’s mission is to make global cotton production better for the people that produce it and of course, for the environment.


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Night Owl: A Coverless Duvet

So now that you’re sold on the eco-credentials of the Night Owl Coverless Duvet, what else can we tell you about it?

Perfect for all year-round use, this sustainable duvet is available in summer 4.5 tog and a warmer 10.5 tog and also comes in a variety of attractive colours. Night Owl Herringbone is an effortlessly classic and stylish weave or for the ultimate premium experience, Night Owl - Natural Cotton Waffle has a 100% sustainably sourced pure BCI cotton waffle cover. It’s so good that 97% of Night Owl users rated it 5 stars.

Undeniably, this is the duvet to purchase if you loathe battling with duvet covers at bedtime. That’s because it’s a duvet cover and duvet in one. Yep! That’s correct. It doesn’t have a separate cover and arrives already complete, encased within its amazingly soft to the touch cover.

It’s also ultra-convenient to keep clean and hygienic, when it’s time for a refresh, pop it into the washing machine then dry for about 90 minutes. Alternatively if you prefer to reduce the frequency of washing, simply use a flat cotton sheet between yourself and the coverless duvet and just wash that in place of washing the whole duvet. 

This truly is a futuristic reimagination of the common duvet. Remarkably soft and comfortable, highly sustainable, harnessing advanced technology, as well as looking uber-stylish and bringing convenience to the home, this is certainly one quality product with an eco-conscience.

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September 17, 2021 — Sleep Expert