World Sleep Day / World Sleep Week

We spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, and the other third of our lives depends on how well we slept. Not getting enough sleep, or enough quality sleep can lead to all manner of issues, including a low immune system, mood swings, lack of concentration and general grogginess, meaning it can impact both our work lives and our personal lives. So if you ask us, sleep is pretty important. 

March 19th 2021 is World Sleep Day, with this year’s slogan; ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’. And here at The Fine Bedding Company, this is something we are wholeheartedly behind. The World Sleep Society advocates and educates the world about the importance of sleep for achieving an optimal quality of life. Number 6 on their list of their 10 recommended steps to achieve healthy sleep is “use comfortable bedding”. Our area of expertise….

The Ultimate Duvet Guide

‘Comfortable bedding’ is different for everybody. What you might describe as sleeping on a fluffy cloud might not be for your neighbour. So to help you find the perfect bedding for you, we have created the Ultimate Duvet Guide so you can upgrade your bedding just in time for World Sleep Day.

Duvet Quality

A duvet is a duvet, is a duvet, right? Wrong. Not all duvets are made equal! The quality of your duvet can absolutely have an impact on the quality of your sleep. A duvet is responsible for keeping your body temperature regulated during the night, and prevents you from waking up shivering or covered in night sweats, two leading causes of disrupted sleep. High quality bedding allows for breathability and warmth in equal measure. Another bonus of good quality duvets? They will maintain their shape, plumpness and feel. So you can sleep easy knowing you’re investing in good quality sleep for years to come, and not sending duvet after duvet to the landfill. 

To learn more about the correlation between bedding and sleep, you can read our blog How Does The Quality of Your Duvet Affect Your Night’s Sleep?

smartfil duvets

Duvet Tog

Duvet Tog doesn't measure the thickness of a duvet, but instead measures the effectiveness of the thermal insulation. This means that getting a good night’s sleep on World Sleep Day 2021 and for many months and years to come might mean switching out your Winter Tog duvet for a lighter Spring/Summer Tog. With the temperature rising, investing in a lighter Tog duvet (4.5 - 7.5) could be the difference between 8 hours of sound sleep, and 8 hours of fighting against your duvet. 

You can learn more about duvet togs here…Get To Know Your Duvet Tog and Which One Is Right For You

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Duvet for Night Sweats

If you’ve already switched up your duvet for a lighter tog and you’re still experiencing night sweats, it may be time to invest in a more breathable duvet.. Our Breathe Duvet uses clever technology called Smartfil® and blends it with Modal, an exceptionally breathable material made from natural wood pulp. Modal will wick away moisture from your body, allowing you to sleep in temperature controlled bliss and wake up after a calm and restorative night’s sleep.

You can read our blog post What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats if you want to delve deeper into this topic.

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We are driven by a simple idea, to make the very finest bedding for the best night’s sleep. With each person having their own unique sleeping style and preference, we have a unique duvet that can suit anyone. We have even created your go-to guide, outlining the 5 Types of Duvets for 5 Different Sleepers. So if you are looking to celebrate World Sleep Day with 8 hours of blissful shut-eye, at least you can confidently tick off number 6, comfortable bedding.  

March 04, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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