Spring is the perfect time to switch up your interior and bring new life to your home. With the temperatures rising, the sun that makes a more than regular appearance and nature starting to bloom, spring always makes us long for a fresh start. What better way to do this than to redesign your bedroom and give it a fresh new look? Exchange the dark coloured sheets for something a bit more cheerful and give your bedroom an overall brighter appearance. If this doesn’t put you in the right spirit, we don’t know what will. Read along to learn more about the best bedroom redesigns for spring 2021.

Change Up The Colours

During winter, we often tend to choose colours that have a warm, cosy feeling to them such as brown, amber, rust or dark green. Now that it’s almost spring, it’s time to change those colours up for lighter, fresher colours that will brighten up the room. If you’re feeling uninspired as to what colour to choose, it’s a good idea to create a moodboard to determine the style of your spring bedroom. Use Pinterest to find inspiration for colours, bedding, decorations and anything else you’d like to add. Our favourite colours for spring have to be pastels; they’re easy to combine and give a lovely vibe to the bedroom. Pastel yellow can easily be combined with pastel pink or blue but also creates a nice ambiance on itself. No need to drastically paint all your walls, simply exchange your decorations and sheets and a big difference will be visible. 

Yellow Bedroom

Bedroom in Bloom

If there’s anything that reminds us of spring, it must be daffodils or crocus. Once the daffodils are starting to bloom, you simply know spring is not far away. Especially after a long and cold winter, this gives us a hopeful feeling and brings joy to our lives. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a lovely bouquet of flowers and put them in a clay vase on your nightstand which will instantly put you into a good mood when you wake up in the morning. After all, if we’re feeling down a fresh flower bouquet from the market will cheer us up again, right? 

Choose Your Spring 2021 Bedding   

Now that you’ve chosen a cheerful colour and added new decorations to your bedroom, it’s time to update your bedding by starting completely fresh with a new duvet. The Night Owl Duvet is a coverless duvet that can easily be washed from the comfort of your own home. As the duvet doesn’t need a cover, it’s extremely easy to use; making the bed has never been this easy before. 

The Night Owl duvet comes in three versions: Linen, Natural Cotton and Herringbone which all use unique compressible fibres. The Linen Collection is the traditional collection of the Night Owl duvet but recently, The Natural Cotton Collection has been added which is perfect for those who want a premium feel to the coverless duvet. The Night Owl natural cotton waffle comes complete with its own 100% pure BCI cotton cover, meaning you’ll never need to grapple with a duvet cover again The latest addition to the Night Owl family is The Herringbone Collection which uses a stylish Herringbone weave and comes in three different colours.


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March 09, 2021 — Sleep Expert