Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your loved ones and doing something that is romantic. This year, why not try something a little bit different? A shared dream practice can bring you closer together as a couple, and allow you to explore new depths of your relationship. In this article, we will be exploring what a shared dream practice is and how you can take part in one this Valentine’s Day.

Why Do We Dream?

Dreaming is often something we do alone. But, dreams can indicate to us what we are truly thinking and feeling. Having dreams is a normal part of a healthy sleeping routine, and in fact, having a good night’s sleep has been connected to people having better cognitive function, and overall emotional health. Dreams can be vital when it comes to effective thinking and emotional processing.

Dreaming helps the human brain to consolidate and analyse our memories. Consider it admin - you need to sleep so that your brain can file away all the important information it’s learned throughout the day.

No matter the reason for dreaming, our night thoughts can be deeply affected by how we are feeling when we go to bed. If we are more stressed, we may find that our dreams are less organised, and may even turn into nightmares. But if we are happy, and relaxed when we turn off the lights then we find that our dreams are a lot less chaotic.

How To Connect As A Couple Through Dreams

Valentine’s Day is all about connecting with our loved ones - and what better way than through a shared dream practice?

Dreams can be an intimate part of our solo journey, and by sharing them with a partner, you can also deepen your sense of closeness with your partner. Dreams can be full of real feelings, desires, and everything in between, all of which can spark thought-provoking conversations. This can strengthen your relationship and open new avenues for intriguing talks.

Dreams can make you feel all kinds of emotions. You can be inspired, scared, excited, or even enlightened on a path you didn’t know you wanted to choose. Creating a regular shared dream practice with your partner can allow you to understand each other on a deeper level.

couple shared dream practice

How To Start A Shared Dream Practice

1. Take In Turns - And Really Listen!

When deciding to partake in a shared dream practice, it's important to take turns. Creating a safe space for you both to discuss your thoughts, and what they mean is vital to making a collaborative dream practice work. Listening strengthens the relationship you have, as well as demonstrating attentiveness, respect, and overall caring. 

Put some time aside some time, whether it’s Valentine's Day or not, to give your partner your undivided attention, and allow them to be able to speak their own interruption of their dreams. This can help you get to know each other better, and also create a new sense of trust.  

2. Create Your Space Together

How is this for a fun date idea - change up your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s where you spend most of your time. For Valentine’s Day this year, do something together, which improves your life as a couple. 

Rearrange your furniture, repaint your bedroom, and change your bed sheets. By redesigning your space, you can give both a fresh outlook and allow for new ways to connect to one another. 

January 26, 2023 — Sleep Expert