Dreaming is something most people do in the hours that they sleep. Of course, there are few of us who claim they never dream and some people can’t remember any thoughts that they have had in their previous night’s sleep. For centuries, people have pondered the reason for dreaming and what the meaning behind these dreams could be. In this article, we will be focusing on what the main meaning of common dreams are and looking into how crystals can aid in preventing negative recurring ones. 

What Is The Science Behind ‘Dreaming’? 

In short, dreams are basically stories or images that our minds create whilst we sleep. Some can be vivid and dramatic, whilst others can seem mundane yet comforting - no matter the dream though, they are typically in line with what we are facing in our waking lives. They also bring about a variety of emotions, whether that be happiness, confusion or sadness. 

One of the most widely held theories about why humans dream is that its to help the mind store interesting memories, things we’ve learned and enable us to filter out anything we deem ‘unimportant’. As well as aiding us in sorting through complicated thoughts we may be having and bringing forward subconscious feelings. 


What Does Being Chased In a Dream Mean?

One of the most common dreams to have is being chased. Yes, you read that right - being chased! If you have a dream that someone or something is chasing after you and are actively running away, this could mean that you are doing the same in real life - in a metaphorical sense of course. If you are someone who suffers with regular bouts of anxiety or stress in your waking life, then you may find that this comes forward in your dreams. If you have been feeling a lot more overwhelmed recently, this may be a dream that you will experience. To decode this popular dream, it suggests that you have the tendency to run away from your problems or issues instead of engaging with them head on and tackling them. You may also find that this dream is recurring, until the problem you are coming to grips with is solved. 

Flying In Your Dreams

Another regular dream which people have reported having is being able to fly. Whilst this is definitely a superpower that many of us want - what does it mean if it’s a reoccurring dream?

The thought of flying can be interpreted in many different ways and it comes down to how easy you are dreaming it is to fly. For example, if you are having a tough time flying, maybe you keep falling or you can only do it some of the time and have the inability to control it, this could suggest that something is stopping you. Looking at this from a metaphorical perspective, something ‘stopping you’ from flying, could be interpreted as something in your waking life preventing you from moving to the next step. 

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘the skys the limit’, well, in this case, it truly is! If you are struggling to fly, but others can, that could mean that you are setting goals which are too high for yourself and you may need to reassess your limits, so you can touch the sky - get it?

Finally, if you are alone when you fly and you are the only one being able to reach this new height, then it may suggest that you’re lacking overall confidence within yourself. Flying alone, without a group or any other individual to accompany you could imply that you are struggling to connect with others. 

Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out

A dream we’ve all probably had is one about all our teeth falling out. This can include anything from your teeth crumbling, falling out one by one or rotting from your mouth. This dream can be extremely concerning and unlike the flying one previously mentioned, this one can seem all too real when you wake up. Similarly to the thoughts about being chased, dreams about your teeth falling out comes to your anxieties being brought forward by your waking life.  However, this dream has a lot to do with appearance. If you have had feelings of embarrassment, rejection or just feeling unattractive, then you know where this dream can stem from. 

Can Crystals Change The Way You Dream?

Over the past few years, there has been more and more discussion surrounding the properties they hold which can help us with daily tasks, including sleeping. As recurring dreams are another problem many of us experience, could there be a crystal to help us with this? 


As we know, all crystals hold certain vibrations and energies which can be used in a way to help heal physical and emotional distress - this includes sleeping disorders and routines. If you are suffering from the dream of ‘being chased’ you may find a crystal such as lepidolite may help. With the ability to calm down anxious thoughts, mood swings and to soothe a brain with a lot of running thoughts, next to an amethyst, this is one of the most effective stones to prevent these types of dreams. 

Biocrystal® Bedding

Any easy way to incorporate crystals into your sleep routine is through Biocrystal® Bedding. This is our newly launched collection which uses a combination of 100% natural crystals which have been chosen according to their beneficial properties, these stones are then grounded and mixed into a form of power that is then immersed into the fabric through printing in a subtle geometric pattern. The patented Biocrystal® technology works through bedding to seamlessly fit into your complete sleep solution bedding. This can push the body to an optimal state by providing vibrations to the cells and raising overall energy levels in the body.

Benefits include calming your heartbeat, slowing down your rapid breathing pattern, relaxing your muscle tension and increasing your oxygen levels. All of this leads to a reduction in stress, which can significantly improve your sleep.


March 01, 2022 — Sleep Expert