Monday 17th was a date we all had noted in our calendars! The whole country I’m sure was counting down the weeks, days and hours until this date. I’m confident you don’t need to be reminded, but this week was the week overnight stays in England could resume and we could hug our loved ones once again! 

Whilst we are all rejoicing, squeezing our loved ones tightly, and arranging overnight stays with our friends and family, the inner host in you was probably running your mind over everything you need to prepare for your first house guest... in a while.

We all can anticipate the scene. Your house guests are due over in the next few hours and you're wildly sprucing up the guest bedroom where your newest lockdown hobby has dominated the space. On your to-do list is to strip the bed sheets that haven’t been used in a while, throw them in the washing machine, dry them, and then comes the dreaded song and dance of refitting the bed sheets. I’m tired just thinking about it, are you?

The Ultimate Guest Duvet: The Night Owl

We don’t mean to brag, but we think we’ve cracked the code to the perfect guest duvet that eliminates all that fuss and time, so you can focus on the fun parts.

Introducing the Night Owl coverless duvet...

Coverless Duvet

Eliminating the whole, stripping and refitting of bed sheets saga is one of the hero features of our Night Owl duvet. Coming with its very own soft cover, your Night Owl coverless duvet will never need its cover stripped and refitted. One thing to permanently remove from your to-do list. 

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Machine Washable + Quick Drying

With the pandemic still very much at the forefront of our minds, hygiene has become more important than ever, especially when having guests to stay. Unlike most traditional duvets that cannot be easily home washed, or that come out lumpy when you do, the Night Owl is completely home washable, making it a more hygienic alternative. Your guests are over in a few hours? Simply pop your guest duvet in the washing machine at 40 degrees to kill off any bacteria, then tumble dry until it's back to its original, clean, fluffy and lofty state.

Size, Tog and Colour Options

Just because your Night Owl guest duvet is convenient, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the aesthetic of your beautifully decorated guest room. Our Night Owl comes in three ranges, with multiple colour options, textures and materials including our Linen Collection, Herringbone Collection and Natural Cotton Waffle Collection, made with a 100% pure BCI cotton cover.

guest duvet

Matching Pillows

The final touches. Each of our Night Owl duvets has matching pillowcases that can be added to give your guest bedroom the finished look. Being the hostess with the mostess? Easy.

cotton waffle pillowcase

Travel Duvet

So we’ve established that the Night Owl is the perfect duvet for guests sleeping over, but did we also mention it’s perfect for your own staycations too? Each Night Owl comes with a handy drawstring bag, making it easy to roll up your Night Owl and pop it in the back of your car for your own post-lockdown adventures. This light duvet and matching bag makes it perfectly transportable so you can jet off to Air B and B’s, friends houses, camping trips and caravan adventures knowing you will have that familiar and clean ‘my duvet’ feeling, wherever you end up. 

If you don’t want to take our word for it, take yours…

Jenifer F - Verified
“I brought two Night Owls because I wanted easily washable bedding for visitors. They are so soft, warm and attractive that I immediately ordered two more. They retain their softness and loft even after washing and they dry really quickly. I would recommend them unreservedly. I’m about to order more and I’m going to take mine on our next camping trip.”


May 21, 2021 — Sleep Expert