One positive thing to come out of lockdown restrictions is that it made us go outside to socialise. And guess what, we realised that we actually quite like it! Sales of fire pits and outdoor heaters went through the roof, whilst restaurants came up with some ingenious ways of keeping customers warm. From heated domes to marquees and tepees, we’ve all enjoyed the ambience of being closer to nature and the big outdoors.

As each layer of restrictions has been removed, we’ve also continued socialising within our gardens. Wrapping up in blankets, over a drink, meal or barbecue with friends, has become the new norm. And with spring in full force and summer around the corner, it's set to continue like that for some time yet. 

Now we all love Blighty but one thing we can agree on is the weather. Often inclement, unpredictable and colder during the evenings, a standard blanket doesn’t always do the job. That said, you don’t necessarily want to spend a small fortune on expensive heaters. So, it may not have occurred to you, but an outdoor duvet blanket might just be the solution instead.

It seems timely to introduce you to the Night Owl duvet. For outdoor socialising, this is an absolute game changer. Forget shivering with cold or heading indoors early. With this fantastic addition to your outdoor tool-kit, you’ll be laughing well into the night. We can all raise a Pimms to that!

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Night Owl: An Outdoor Duvet

The lightweight fibre fill 2 in 1 Night Owl Duvet Blanket is perfect whatever the season, because it's available in summer 4.5 tog and all year round 10.5 tog. Perfect for taking outdoors, this unbelievably cosy duvet comes already complete, encased within a beautifully soft cover. An added benefit is that its machine washable and quick drying, so no problem if you spill the vino. When it needs a refresh, pop it in the washing machine then dry for about 90 minutes.  

Not just that, but these high-quality duvets will really add a splash of style to your garden décor. Night Owl Herringbone is a classic and stylish weave or for an even more premium experience, opt for the Night Owl - Natural Cotton Waffle. Its luxurious feel comes from the 100% sustainably sourced pure BCI cotton waffle cover. 



This really is the ultimate duvet to throw over yourself during an al fresco evening. It’s super soft cover is filled with 100% Smartfil®, our advanced fibre technology. Smartfil®­ achieves the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog, but instead using much finer man-made fibres. The unique manufacturing process also allows more air to flow through the duvet, meaning that it’s highly breathable, exceptionally warm and a supremely cosy, cloud-like duvet.

Night Owl: Bedding with a Conscience

You can also use the Night Owl range completely guilt-free. Why? Because Smartfil® polyester is made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). That’s right! We’re talking about plastic packaging that’s used for food and beverages including some very well-known soft drinks.

And if you’re concerned in any way that Smartfil® might feel like scratchy plastic, you needn’t be. In fact, Smartfil® fibres are extremely soft and super comfortable despite their origin. Talk about a fantastic repurposing of plastic.

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May 18, 2021 — Sleep Expert