There are many factors that can influence our sleep and many people out there may find it difficult to regulate their temperature whilst sleeping. With common reasons for night sweats being premenopause, menopause, low blood sugar, and fever there a common occurance for many. Therefore here at The Fine Bedding Company, pioneering premium sleep since 1912 we know a thing or two about sleep. In this article we’ll talk about how to control hormonal night sweats, how to help stop night sweats and some duvets out there to help those hot sleepers.

How Can I Control Hormonal Night Sweats? 

Too hot in bed? There are many things you can do to try and help you keep cool throughout the night. Ensuring the environment is cool, opening the window if it’s cold outside can help keep cool and if it’s hot outside instead a cool fan is a great solution. To mimic the effects of air conditioning, adding a bucket of cold water below the fan allows for a constant cool breeze for those hotter nights. Another key factor is bedding, breathable bedding and pajamas is key to allowing your body to breathe. There are also numerous soltuiosn to sleep better during menopause, if it’s causing constant night sweats adjusting your room temerpature and bedding as well as moving your body for an active lifestyle and practising mindfulness can all help with a restful nights sleep.

Is My Bedding Causing Night Sweats? 

Your bedding can have a significant impact on how you regulate your body's temperature and contribute to night sweats.

With seasonal duvets, you can regulate the temperature as the seasons change, allowing heat to either be trapped and insulated or to escape. With duvets such as Fine Bedding Breathe Duvet using Smartfil® technology alongside special ingredients like Modal, derived from natural wood pulp it allows for exceptionally breathable bedding. Available in a range of different togs from the summer 4.5 tog range to the winter 13.5 tog, it’s a great temperature controlling duvet to regulate bodily temperature all season long! Allowing for a calming and restorative night’s sleep.

Temperature Controlled Pillows

When discussing the value of breathable bedding to stop night sweats, a pillow shouldn't be overlooked. With a Breathe Pillow with it’s Modal technology present, the pillows help to wick away moisture leaving you with a cool restorative nights sleep. With the head and neck being one of the main places for sweat during the night a breathable temperature controlled pillow is the ideal for allowing for your body to breathe and not hold in moisture. Another pillow the Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Pillow not only allows for breathability but uses the Activated Cooling™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ® to match your body temperature offering a cooling sensation before the first sign of moisture. Meaning this 200TC cotton pillow it can sense when your body is about to sweat from overheating and cool you down before it awakens you.

Cooling Bedding For Hot Sleepers 

Here at The Fine Bedding Company we have trailblazed the latest technology in down and fibre filled bedding. Taking four generations to perfect the delivery of processes and the harnessing of sublime softness only found in luxury materials to ensure superior sleep that doesn’t wash away. We launched our Temperature Controlled Bedding Range including cooling bedsheets from Smart Temperature Linens all using the latest Activated Cooling™ HeiQ Smart Temperate Technology, made with Better Cotton Initiative sustainable cotton.

An ideal bed sheet for those suffering from night sweats, is a bed cover that can recognise when your body is getting too hot and about to sweat and then activates a cooling effect with in results allows you to sleep through the night in peace. Well it exists, Our Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Duvet Cover made from soft 200 thread count cotton bed linen has Smart Temp™ technology from Switzerland that recognises and activates a dynamic cooling system throughout the night.

Temperature Regulating Duvet 

Goose Down Duvet

There is no doubt that cooling bed sheets are a suitable and revolutionary option for those who suffer from night sweats. With breathable, stylish bedding that keeps you cool throughout the night, the entire Smart Temperature Range is a blessing in disguise for those who suffer from regulating and controlling their night time temperature.

When it comes to opting for a cool option to keep cool, finding the right duvet can make or break a sleep. Finish your space with a Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet made from the cooling HeiQ Smart Temperature technology and sustainable cotton. The stylish quilted duvet combines soft and durable Smartfil® filling with a breathable cotton cover. With its 10.5 tog it’s ideal for hot and cold nights, summer or autumn. With GRS certified recycled polyester filling made from plastic bottles it’s the sustainable answer to your problems. Capable of springing back to its bouncy self after any 40°C home wash it’s a reliable edition to any home.

October 25, 2022 — James Oakley