Do you struggle to sleep regardless of if it is summer or winter? Being a hot sleeper can wreak havoc on settling into a deep and restorative night of shut eye . Add menopause symptoms into the mix and it can feel impossible to get more than a couple of hours of broken sleep.

Hot flushes can come on out of nowhere and have you up half the night trying to regulate your temperature. However, there are ways to adapt your sleep environment and manage being a hot sleeper, so that you can feel more relaxed and at ease as you try to fall asleep.

At the Fine Bedding Company we know that people want the comfort of a duvet at night but not always the heat that can come with it - particularly if you are already struggling to regulate your own temperature. In this article, you will find the optimum eco-friendly duvets and sustainable bed sheets to make falling asleep a breeze.

How To Manage Hot Flushes

Perimenopause and menopause can make everyday tasks feel impossible and the same goes for when you want to go to sleep. Your hormones are all over the place making you feel irritable, fatigued and overwhelmed and when all you want is to switch off for a few hours, the hot flushes attack. It can feel impossible to get from one day to the next.

Why do women get hot flushes at night? During menopause or perimneopause, your hormones do not remain constant, estrogen levels can increase and drop for no reason. These spikes in hormones are what can bring on hot flushes. However, at night when you are trying to sleep hormone levels tend to spike at an increased rate, which will result in night sweats.

However, there are small practices you can put in place to manage your hot flushes and to make falling asleep not seem as daunting or challenging.

1. Keep Where You Sleep Cool

Hot flushes raise your body’s temperature; therefore you will want to keep your sleep environment cool between 16-18 degrees. This will help you not only when you are feeling warm but also because it is the optimum temperature to fall asleep in.

Our Sleep Experts recommend trying out a fan, or opening a window - this in combination with switching out your heavier, winter duvet with a summer one. A summer duvet such as our Breathe duvet, are typically lighter, and can offer more comfortable, cooler night’s rest.  Text

2. Be Mindful Of Your Breath

When your body goes through a hot flush, it can activate fight or flight mode, this can spike your adrenaline and make switching off and falling asleep near impossible. In these moments, don’t toss and turn and hope that sleep will eventually come. The more you try to force it the further out of your reach it can feel.

This is the time to take a deep breath, rid yourself of negative thoughts and just focus on inhaling your breath and exhaling. This will help to regulate your nervous system, which can lead to a sense of calm and eventually through practice will aid in you falling asleep.

3. Where Breathable, Thin Night Clothes

Also, when you are experiencing a hot flush you don’t want to be wearing thick pyjamas or a jumper, even if it is in the middle of winter. Opt for breathable pyjamas that are cotton and lightweight, maybe a little night dress as you don’t want to have to deal with thick, damp clothes as you then try to sleep once the hot flush has passed.

The Best Duvet For A Hot Sleeper

You can now enjoy eco-friendly bedding as well as a temperature-controlled night’s sleep with the Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet.

This is the perfect temperature-regulating duvet for when you are going through perimenopause or menopause. As it uses technology which is powered by HeiQ Cool technology and has been designed to dynamically respond to body heat, adapting to temperature changes and cools before the first sign of sweat.

The technology activates when sensing an increase in body temperature and the HeiQ Cool technology is able to delay the build-up of heat by taking it away to deliver instant relief. The cooling stops once it senses body temperature has dropped to its optimal temperature so that you won’t feel a chill.

Not only will this keep you cool but this sustainable duvet is made from 100% responsibly sourced BCI Cotton making it breathable, luxurious, and better for the environment. Replacing your old duvet with this one will help to keep that your body stays at the optimum temperature between 16-18 degrees with continuous temperature regulation.

Goose Down Duvet

This will help you throughout the night, as and when your hot flushes happen. To complement the duvet our collection of Smart Temperature sustainable bed linens are the ideal bedding for hot sleepers as the cotton is breathable and it uses a dynamic cooling system that is designed to help you feel cool and comfortable throughout the night.

October 25, 2022 — Sleep Expert