When it comes to sleeping, nothing is worse than being too hot or too cold and not being able to get a good night's sleep as a result. There are numerous factors that can contribute to a restless night's sleep, but as sleep experts here at The Fine Bedding Company, we know that bedding can play a significant role in night time temperature. Being one of the main elements to control temperature and get that peaceful night's sleep you crave.

With factors such as night sweats and temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons, it's critical to get the right bedding for the seasons to achieve a peaceful nights sleep all year round. In this article, we'll go over duvet togs, temperature controlled bedding, and how choosing the right materials can help you sleep better.

Benefits of Sleeping With the Correct Duvet Tog

Temperature can play a huge role in getting a sufficient and blissful night's sleep. Therefore finding the right duvet tog is mainly reliant on matching it with the seasons. Winter togs for example at a common 13.5 tog keep in your body heat more efficiently than a summer duvet at a 4.5 tog. It's key to match the tog to the seasons in order to get that restful night's sleep and maintain a steady temperature throughout the night.  

The benefits of sleeping with a thicker tog during winter is its insulation. A higher tog will add coziness and bounce to your duvet tog meaning,  when the house is cold you’ll be able to slip into a deep duvet and feel instant warmth as it traps in body heat. 

Duvets To Improve Sleep

With our Winter buying duvet guide you’ll be equipped with not only the right winter tog, but the right material duvet for you. Like our Breathe Duvet showcasing our clever technology behind our climate control duvets. Blending our Smartfil® technology with a special ingredient called Modal, derived from natural wood pulp, it's exceptionally breathable. Meaning your body can still breathe and be kept insulated and warm throughout the night.

Alongside that our SPUNDOWN DUVET also includes Smartfil® fibres, being highly compressible they can fit in a domestic washing machine and results in washing away any dust mites at 60 degrees without the duvet losing its bounce. An ideal anti-allergy duvet for those who suffer with allergies through the night, meaning a more peaceful night's sleep.

Ever noticed that you can get more sleep in a hotel? Well most of that would be down to the 5* bedding. Introducing our BOUTIQUE SILK® DUVET available in three different togs it’s ideal for any season. With a spring tog of 10.5 it’s ideal for those looking past winter time and into the warmer season. With our guide of autumn and winter togs with some planning ahead you’ll be equipped for all seasons and guaranteed a peaceful sleep every time.  

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Winter Bedding For Hot Sleepers

Goose Down Duvet

Whether you find yourself always being too hot even in the winter or commonly suffering from Night sweats, choosing the right bedding just got a whole lot easier. With our Hot Sleepers Guide alongside our whole Smart Temperature Collection, waking up being too hot in the middle of the night will be a thing of the past. With this bedding range using a dynamic cooling system from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, alongside the unique Smart Temp™ technology. With this revolutionary advancement in materials our Smart Temperature range like that of SMART TEMPERATURE 100% COOLING COTTON DUVET uses the intelligent thermoregulation systems within the duvet to dynamically respond to body heat. Meaning that it adapts to temperature changes and therefore cools you down before the first sign of sweat, as it activates its cooling system to regulate your temperature before you awaken to being too hot.

December 16, 2022 — Sleep Expert