As we’re nearing the end of the year it’s that time again when we try and figure out which tog duvet we need and if it’s too hot or too cold for the current season. Prepping for the winter requires a thick winter tog but autumn can be a trickier one to transition into. Matching your duvet tog ensures a better sleep and here at The Fine Bedding Company, our sleep experts are speciailised to bring premium quality bedding designed specifically for the sleep you deserve. One way is through a range of high quality duvets, suited to any occasion. In this article we’ll discuss how important finding the perfect bedtime utopia. 

What is a Duvet Tog? 

When looking for duvets, each has their very own duvet ‘tog’ rating. The tog rating is based on how warm a duvet is going to be and not necessarily how thick or big it is. For example typical summer duvets have a low tog rating because when it’s hot outside you don’t require a warm duvet, therefore their tog rating will be typically 2.5 to 4.5 tog. On the other end of the scale, when looking for a winter duvet tog, because they require a lot of warmth their tog rating typically around 13.5 tog.

Here at The Fine Bedding Company, manufacturing natural duvets since 1977 we also have everything in between, depending on your duvet of choice. With our Goose Feather & Down Duvet it not only comes in a winter tog as you’d expect for down, but also a summer tog, a spring/autumn tog, as well as an all-seasons tog for those who want that all round reliant duvet. 

Are Autumn and Winter Duvet Togs the same? 

With the seasons and the temperature constantly changing and being unpredictable at times, it can be difficult to judge which kind of duvet you need for which season. As the colder months approach, when does one switch out their autumn duvet for a winter one?

The answer in short, no autumn and winter togs aren’t the same. With the temperature colder in winter it requires a higher tog count to keep warm and the body comfortably insulated. For those autumn nights when you feel a little chilly a great and reliable option is always our Smartfill Duvet Range with their luxury lightweight quality and advanced Smartfil® fibre. Our duvets like the Boutique Silk Duvet are a great solution for Autumn. With this duvet providing Luxury sustainable cotton duvet with Smartfil & Silk filling at a 10.5 tog. It allows for the ideal temperature management whilst adding a soft and luxury feel which makes it go-to for a snug autumnal night.


Another great fuss free option is our Night Owl Herringbone Coverless Duvet  is also available in 10.5 tog and because of its revolutionary function merging the duvet cover and duvet into one it’s a great go-to for keeping you snug all year round. Then if you ever think it’s getting too cold for those brisk winter nights then simply fold the night owl in its bag and swap to a Warm Winter Bedding Duvets at around 13 tog.

Warm Winter Duvet Togs

Goose Down Duvet

This Winter you won’t have to leave the heating on all night, instead opt for our high tog Warm Winter Bedding. Treating you to the perfect night’s sleep with our pioneering technology we have a range of ultra warm bedding from climate control duvets like our Breathe Duvet. Available in a winter 13.5 tog it uses clever Smartfil® technology with a special ingredient called Modal which allows for immense warmth but also breathability. By using innovative materials like Modal, derived from natural wood pulp it helps to wick moisture away from the body, allowing for a total temperature-controlled sleep. Accompanied by the Breathe Pillow for a head to toe warm and breathability this winter.


If luxury is your thing when it comes to seeking a duvet, at The Fine Bedding Company we have the ideal luxury duvet this winter. Our Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet providing the ultimate luxury in softness and comfort this duvet is also A1 Grade certified! Which ultimately means it’s internationally acknowledged as one of the best quality fillings in the world. With its 100% Hungarian Goose Down and 420 thread count soft, silk-like cotton sateen it’s the most exquisite quality you’ll ever experience. With the soft silkiness and warmth of this duvet it’s guaranteed to drape beautifully around the body as you sleep and because of its 13.5 tog it’s a perfect winter luxury.

Temperature Controlled Duvets 

With the temperature constantly fluctuating, we wanted a reliable solution that will guarantee that you won’t wake up too hot or too cold. We want to introduce you to our Temperature Management Duvets, meaning there is no need to think of temperature as an issue again with the Smart Temperature 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet. Powered by HeiQ Cool technology this duvet uses intelligent thermoregulation systems to dynamically respond to body heat. Meaning that just when you're about to get too hot or if you suffer from night sweats, the thermoregulation system delays the build up of heat by taking it away to deliver instant relief. Cooling you just before the first sign of sweat, results in you not waking up too hot and ensures a restful night's sleep every time!

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November 10, 2022 — Sleep Expert