Sustainability has been a hot topic for many years now and more people are becoming aware of the importance of making conscious choices. One might choose to eat less meat and others switch to solar panels, but what if we tell you that there’s a very easy way to become more sustainable? If your current bedding is at the end of its lifespan, you can make the eco-conscious decision to switch to sustainable bedding. You might be wondering how bedding can be sustainable and where it comes from. In this blog, we’ll answer all your questions around sustainable bedding!

What is Sustainable Bedding?

Whether bedding is sustainable, will depend on many different factors. What material is used, what the filling is made of but also what the production process looks like. To ensure an eco-friendly process from beginning to end, we produce our bedding in our eco-factory in Estonia, by using sustainable materials and ensuring that our production process has zero waste. Once the bedding arrives at your house, it is packed in 100% recyclable, and most of the time even reusable packaging. That way, we minimise the waste we’re producing while you can enjoy your new, sustainable and very comfortable bedding. 

What is Our Sustainable Bedding Made Of?

All of the bedding in The Fine Bedding Company’s collection has been made with eco-conscious materials. We use advanced Smartfil® fibres in our bedding to achieve the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog. In the bedding, we use a blend of very fine polyester, which traps more air than normal polyester. It’s 25% lighter than a normal bedding filling, which means that we’re automatically using 25% less material than other bedding. This contributes to a lower carbon footprint. In fact, the Eco Duvet has a 44% lower carbon footprint than a normal duvet, which is a big improvement.

Besides the usage of sustainable materials, we create products that will last you a long time if you take care of them well. Durability is also an important factor when talking about sustainability, so it’s important to choose products that have a high quality and will last a long time. 


Our Eco Factory in Estonia

As previously mentioned, sustainable bedding goes further than using eco-friendly materials. The production process might even be the most important factor when it comes to sustainability. In many cases, a lot of fibres and other materials will go to waste during a production process, leaving a higher carbon footprint than you’d like to. The usage of machines, electricity, paper and plastic can also impact the environment negatively. Our factory is based in Estonia, to minimise the distance that products have to travel. As sustainability is a high priority to us, we are using 100% renewable energy and have achieved zero waste from 2017. We are a paperless factory, meaning that we don’t print out any product orders, but instead, we use highly automated systems and touch screens. 

If we have any leftover fibre that we cannot use to produce our own products, they are passed onto other factories to ensure zero waste. Our waste of fillings gets used to fill up teddy bears! This way, no materials go to waste and we are able to contribute to making fluffy, stuffed animals for children (or even adults). 

 Teddy Bear

What steps have you taken to be more sustainable?

May 26, 2021 — Sleep Expert