In a world where plastic straws are getting replaced with paper straws, people are becoming more aware of their meat consumption and more brands are getting praised for their steps towards sustainability, the B-Corp certification is something that you should know about. Because of the importance of getting the B-Corp certification as a sustainable business, we have taken great strides to get closer to achieving it. If you’re curious about our level of sustainability, we definitely recommend you to keep on reading!


What is B-Corp?

First of all, what is B-Corp? If you’re into sustainability but have never heard of B-Corp before, you’re clearly missing out. If you’re certified B-corp, it means that your business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, as well as public transparency and legal accountability. Essentially, a B-corp certification says a lot about how sustainable a business is, as all elements of what you’re doing are being analysed. It’s a holistic assessment of everything that you’re doing. How are you producing your products? How are the working conditions for your employees? How is your product packaged and shipped? With a B-Corp certification, it’s guaranteed that the business you’re buying from or investing in is in fact sustainable. No green washing, no smuggling with rules. 

How Do You Become B-Corp?

Now, it’s important to know that it’s not easy to become B-Corp certified. It’s a long process that requires you to deliver decisive evidence to prove that you’re taking all the possible steps towards sustainability. With sustainability labels on products, we often find that these are being greenwashed, but with B-Corp this is out of the question. B-Corp certification is legally binding, which means you are legally committed to the B-Corp agenda. This requires your business to take the necessary steps towards sustainability as stated on the agenda. If you fail to do this, you will lose your B-Corp certification. 

The Fine Bedding Company is currently waiting for verification for the B-Corp certification. We have taken considerate measures towards sustainability and are determined to find ways to become more sustainable every single day. 

Sustainable fillings

What Steps Have We Taken Towards B-Corp So Far?

As we are currently awaiting the verification for the B-Corp certification, let’s have a look at what steps we have taken to get there. From the production process to the final packaging, we always ensure that we find the most sustainable way to approach things. Our bedding is made using recycled fibres and materials, which we never let go to waste. We have a zero-waste policy in our eco-factory, meaning that we don’t throw away any materials. We recycle all possible materials and if we have fillings going to waste, it’s currently being used to make teddy bears. That way, we get the most use out of the materials. Our factory uses 100% renewable energy and we have invested in new heating and ventilation systems, which have reduced our energy consumption tremendously. 

The Fine Bedding Company produces bedding that won’t cost the earth, using materials that are sustainable and can be recycled at the end of life. Our high-quality products are designed to last a long time. The Smartfil® fibres we’re using for our fillings, use a blend of very fine polyester which traps more air than normal polyester. It’s 25% lighter than a normal bedding filling, so we’re automatically using 25% less material than other bedding. Our Eco Duvet even has a 44% lower carbon footprint than normal bedding! On a daily basis, we are researching ways for us to become even more sustainable. And hopefully, we’ll be able to stick on B-Corp-certified labels on our products very very soon!

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June 03, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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