Taking care of yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy can be hard - especially when it comes to the evening. Going to bed can become extremely difficult, as you fight with the effects of being pregnant, such as a bad back, morning sickness, and general fatigue, not to mention that the bump you are developing means that you are no longer able to sleep on your back. In this article, we will be looking at how your pillows should be supporting you during pregnancy, what the best shape to buy is and when you should start using one.

How Should Your Pillow Support You During Pregnancy?

When it comes to being pregnant, being supported whilst you sleep is vital - especially considering you are growing a tiny human inside of you! Cushions and pillows are the number one way to get that much-needed rest and prevent any aches or pains that come along with being pregnant. There are currently many pillows on the market which claim that they are the best support, but what should you be looking for when shopping around?

Firstly, look for quality. Long after the baby is born, you are going to want to be able to use your pillows still for sleeping. You don’t want bedding that is going to go flat after the nine months of carrying your child, so remember to look for good quality that will last you a while. If you are looking for a U-shaped or V-shaped pillow, then these work great during pregnancy to sleep comfortably whilst having a baby bump. But also for when the baby is born and you are either nursing or breastfeeding them. Your pillow can support your arms and prevent them from getting tired, making a nice, safe space for both you and your child. Again, another reason why you should shop for quality!

Next up is the supportiveness of the pillow itself. During pregnancy, we all get different symptoms and ache in different places. One of the most common places you may experience pain or discomfort is your back. Due to the bump, women can’t typically sleep on their stomachs - especially during the later stages of pregnancy, and this can be made all the more uncomfortable when your back also hurts. Finding a pillow that will keep you supported and fit around your body is a must.

Which Pregnancy Pillow Shape is Best?

In the world of pillows and bedding, there are many different shapes, including a lot of letter shapes. For pregnant women, our Sleep Experts would recommend a V-Shaped cushion. The v-shape offers back support which is the ideal choice for those who want the added relief and comforting support whilst reading or sitting up in bed. Not to mention, the range from The Fine Bedding Company has a cotton blend cover that adds breathability and freshness, whilst the special shape offers support where you need it most.

As mentioned before, a v-shaped pillow is also the ideal breastfeeding companion, so you get a cushion that will help you during and after your pregnancy. Our Sleep Experts also recommend it for anyone who has had a c-section and may struggle to hold or cradle their baby. This shape of the cushion will brace your body properly and hold your back in place as you sit up, giving you more quality one-on-one time with your little one.

When Should I Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

When you start using a pregnancy pillow is completely up to you and your body. There is no set time at all. But if you are looking for a tell-tell sign you might need to start looking for one, our Sleep Experts would say that as soon as you find it difficult to change positions during the night. If you are struggling with not getting enough sleep due to how uncomfortable you are, then now might be the time to grab yourself a good-quality pregnancy pillow to ease you through the night. For most women, this is typically around week 20, as that’s when you will see your belly start to expand.

June 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert