In the past support pillows haven’t always had the best reputation. Hard, uncomfortable and downright ugly might be the words that spring to mind. Not exactly what you associate with a restful night of sleep or to enhance the look of your bed.

The truth is that support pillows have come an extraordinarily long way. These days, many of us veer towards a support pillow because we need extra help in getting to sleep, relieving aches and pains or improving our body’s alignment. Advances in fibre technology have also paved the way for therapeutic, supportive and supremely comfortable support pillows to be marketed.



Choosing a Support Pillow

A pillow supports the sleeper’s neck and upper back whilst they’re resting. The type of sleeper you are – back, side or front, may determine your pillow preference. For example, if you sleep on your front, you may prefer a thinner, softer pillow whereas those that sleep on their back or side, need to have the natural curve of the neck supported.

Not only that, but a pillow provides an element of emotional comfort for many. What one person finds comfy may not be to our taste. Some of us love a firm pillow, whilst others opt for something much softer. It’s always important to consider these aspects when choosing your next pillow. 

After all, the pillow that you sleep on impacts your health and wellbeing. And that’s no small matter. It may sound quirky but sleep quality affects energy levels, mood and mental health, clarity of thought and physical health. The seemingly inconsequential act of choosing a pillow really can make a difference to your life.

Hotel Quality Support Pillows

Picture the scene. You walk into a hotel room and simply can’t help kicking off your shoes and trying out the bed. Sinking down onto the welcoming mattress, your head touches the most comfortable pillow in the world and you exhale with relief. Those pillows always feel so comfortable and supportive. Well guess what? You can recreate that same feeling, at home and not just for one night, but for every night.

Our selection of support pillows are hotel quality with added support for neck pain and strains, a fitting antidote for muscle tension and stress. Read on to find your perfect support pillow. 

Great If You Love.... Head and Neck Support

Intelligently designed, our Head and Neck Pillow gently supports the contours of the neck and head, alleviating strain on the muscles. Finished with a pure cotton cover, this pillow offers unrivalled comfort and support.

head and neck pillow

Great If You Love... a Memory Foam Pillow

Our Dual Support Pillow expertly combines temperature-sensitive memory foam for bespoke support on one side, and luxurious microfibre layer for softness and cushioning on the other. Encased in a removable cotton cover, this sumptuous pillow features Ultrafresh® antimicrobial treatment for ultimate sleep hygiene.

dual support pillow

Great If You Love... a Washable Pillow

The Spundown Firm Support Pillow is a fantastic choice for those that like to or need to regularly wash their pillow. If you’re an allergy sufferer, deal a death blow to dust mites by washing it at 60­­℃.

You can also feel reassured that despite repeated washing, this pillow retains its high quality. It’s all down to the fact that advanced Smartfil® fibres are highly compressible meaning that they recover and return to their original plump shape time and time again. The sustainably sourced BCI cotton cover adds an extra touch of luxury. 

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of firm pillows, try the Medium version of this product. Spundown Medium Support Pillow offers all of the same benefits as its firm counterpart and of course, its signature supreme comfort, just with a little less firmness.

spundown support pillows

Great If You Love... An Extra Firm Pillow

If you love an exceptionally firm pillow, then our Luna Pillow is the answer. Generously filled with 25% more clusterfibres than standard pillows, it's covered in a peach soft cover with an elegant -embossed stripe design for extra chic. Washable at 40­­℃ with a non-allergenic composition, this is suitable for all.

luna pillow

Great If You Love... to Read in Bed

Who doesn’t enjoy a good read in bed? Whether it’s Stephen King or Maya Angelou, the likelihood is that you’ve noticed your back aching after a while. We sit or slump in unnatural positions that create stress on our spine or joints. 

The Back Support V-Shape Pillow offers the solution to this common frustration, providing much-needed comfort and relief whilst sitting up in bed. Its special shape offers you support where you most need it and cotton blend cover keeps it breathable and fresh. 

v-shape pillow

April 12, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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