We all enjoy a good nap every now and then, whether that’s on transport or at home on the sofa, life can be a little exhausting sometimes. However, the question is are naps any good for you? How long should I be taking when I go for a nap? Here at The Fine Bedding Company, being sleep experts and providing all the necessities for an optimum night time comfort sleep, we’re here to reveal all. In this article we’ll look at how napping can affect your sleep system, and some products that are vital for a good afternoon snooze. 

Is It Good To Take Naps? 

Listening to your body and its needs is always a good thing. If your body is telling you that it needs a quick nap let it nap, surely it’s a good thing to calm your body and give it the rest it deserves? However, the result of constant daily napping is caused by an inadequate and insufficient amount of sleep at night time. This may lead to health concerns if a sufficient nights sleep isn’t achieved over a long period, so getting that sufficient nights sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping in a constant routine and for a sufficient time of roughly seven to inehours sleep per night is the recommended time for adults in a general sense. 

Saying that, the duration of those day time naps can be the result of whether it’s considered good for you or not. It is thought that under half an hour can see many benefits including reduced fatigue, improved mood and cognitive awareness. Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we’re dedicated to improving sleep comfort to get the very best version of you by pioneering premium sleep through premium bedding. Whether that’s down to the basics with the heart of bedding, finding the right duvet or complimenting it with luxury bed linens that can maintain your optimal sleep temperature like that of the Smart Temperature Bed Linen range.    

What Does ‘Taking a Nap’ Actually Mean?

The meaning of a nap is generally considered a brief sleep outside of your usual night time sleeping schedule. Due to napping mainly consisting of a brief sleep period, typically in the day it doesn’t necessarily always occur in bed and can occur in many locations whether that’s on the move or on your friends sofa. Napping somewhere comfortable is key, therefore to provide maximum comfort wherever you are, we have an array of pillows available to fit all. Whether it’s a nap with added back support in the form of a Back Support V- Shape Pillow, snoozing off in a comfortable upright position without neck cramps this is a perfect support pillow to fall asleep anywhere. Consisting of a cotton blend cover it adds that breathability factor for a comfortable sleep alongside the added support when you need it most.

As with most napping being an unpredictable and instant thing as the sudden tiredness kicks up when we choose to sit down and unwind. We can't mention unpredictability without mentioning our Night Owl Coverless Duvet . The perfect accessory for unexpected naps anywhere you go. Bringing style and convenience together whilst eliminating the need for a duvet cover, this is the ultimate time saver when you just want to curl up and have a nap anywhere after a long day. Easily fitting inside your washing machine washable, the Night Owl Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet is the perfect nap companion, keeping you cozy wherever you fall asleep on your adventures.

How Long Should We Nap?

With the ideal nap time still being up for debate depending on your own sleep patterns, some studies have shown that napping in the day for as little as half an hour can help improve memory and learning. The most important aspect is trying to get efficient nights sleep in a regular sleep pattern at night and morning, so the need for naps slowly starts to decrease whilst still listening to your body and what it wants.  

Goose Down Duvet

There are many items out there that can help with sleep, and make it a whole lot easier to drift off whether that’s at night or in the middle of the day for a nap. We believe bringing luxury and comfort to the bedroom can really help with unwinding and drifting off, making the bed time set up more appealing is a good start to assist you when trying to sleep more at night. With our Boutique Silk Pillow it’s easier than ever to turn your bedroom into a boutique hotel with this high standard luxury pillow. Consisting of advanced Smartfil® fibers alongside the finest silk, makes it an indulgent nap pillow ideal for sleep any time of the day.


With the natural silk lining keeping in moisture on your face as well as preventing frizzy hair post wake up, it’s an ideal option for a mid-day nap to avoid looking like you’ve napped. Due to the silk material and the striped design it allows for efficient breathability and a soft-to-touch luxury feel providing that ultimate comfort. See why our customers adore this pillow; as a highly recommended slice of hotel luxury, the five-star reviews speak for themselves, making it the ideal for night time sleep and a go-to for a quick snooze.

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June 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert