Buying protectors for our mattress is a vital part of maintaining our sleeping arrangements and keeping it clean, but what about our pillows? The pillow that we lay our heads on every night is regularly forgotten about! Yes, we usually switch out the pillow covers when we change our bed sheets, but what about protecting them from stains, spillages and overall damage? In this article, our team of Sleep Experts have ranked their top 3 choices of pillow protectors.

Pillow Protectors

What is a Pillow Protector?

Before you go buying pillow protectors, it's vital that you know exactly what one is! A pillow protector is a piece of fabric that covers your pillows which you sleep on every night. A protector provides an extra layer or barrier against normal wear and tear, as well as any moisture or stains. We all know the feeling of an older, overused pillow. They become soft, no longer hold their shape and just aren’t as firm as they once were. In order to enjoy your pillows for many more years, our Sleep Experts would recommend investing in some good quality pillow protectors. 

Which is The Best Pillow Protector?

When you are shopping around before purchasing a pillow protector, it’s vital that you have all the information you need to make a good decision. Our Sleep Experts have broken down their top three pillow protectors currently available. 

1. Spundown Pillow Protector

One of the main reasons to add a pillow protector to your duvet set is for practicality. Adding a protective layer to your pillow, in a similar way that you would add a protective layer to your mattress, is ideal when it comes to hygiene. For all of our allergy sufferers out there, you fight back on those awful dust mites with our Spundown Pillow Protector. Being washable at 60 degrees, say goodbye to that sneeze-inducing dust! In addition, this pillow protector is soft to the touch and offers a gentle space for you to fall asleep on. 

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2. Smart Temperature Pillow Protector

Next up, we have our Smart Temperature Pillow Protector. Our entire Smart Temperature collection is the ideal solution for those searching for a complete temperature managed sleeping system. If you didn’t already know, these pillow protectors are created with the unique Activated Cooling™ technology. Created by the Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, these pillow protectors work to deliver both instant and continuous cooling. 

To make this pillow protector even more efficient, it’s also easily home washable and extremely quick drying. Also, the technology that is used within the fabric will remain fully effective and functional after repeated washing, so you don’t have to worry about losing the benefits of this pillow protector!

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3. Classic Cotton Pillow Protector 

Finally, we have our Classic Cotton Pillow Protector. There is nothing quite like a classic, is there? Our cotton pillow protectors are as classic as they come. Made with the purest cotton, these protectors are breathable whilst also creating a comfortable sleeping environment. As well as being both practical and non-allergenic, these protectors are ideal when it comes to protecting your pillows.

Are you someone who enjoys a cup of coffee in bed in the morning? Well, there is no more worries about spills, as these protectors prevent any long-lasting damage, spillages or stains from happening to your pillows.

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March 09, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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