Getting a good night’s sleep is not only imperative for our physical health, but our mental health too. Yet it’s the one thing that so many of us struggle with. We get too hot, too cold, can’t switch off or feel comfortable. That blissful, restorative sleep we dream about seems strangely unattainable. 

If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time for a sleep audit. Making some changes to the bedroom environment and our bedding can make all the difference. Naturally, during winter, we yearn to feel warm and snuggly, whilst in summer, it’s important for our bodies to breathe and stay cool. In the same way that we change our clothes depending on the season, we should be adopting this same approach to our bedding.  

How Often Do I Need to Change My Pillow?

Traditionally, the advice has always been to change pillows every 1-2 years. That way, you’ll be sure that your pillow is giving you the correct level of support and remains clean and free of allergens. 

Signs that you may need a new pillow include neck pain, interrupted sleep, finding the pillow uncomfortable, acne and blemish breakouts and an increase in allergic reactions like runny noses and sore eyes at bedtime and during the night. That’s normally down to dust mites, fungus, mould, and pet dander. Also look out for other indicators like sagging in your pillow or lumpiness. 

Feeling grossed out because your pillow has turned a distinct yellow or is covered in yellow stains? The cause of this rather off-putting phenomenon is face and hair oils and sweat drool that have seeped into it. If you’re noticing this, it’s definitely time to consider getting a new pillow. After all, maintaining and changing your pillow is a significant part of sleep hygiene and achieving that all-important eight hours.



Do I Need to Change My Pillow Each Season?

The guidance that pillows should be changed every 1-2 years has always assumed that the same pillow will be used all year round. We’ve realised though, that making changes to our bedding to align with the seasons undoubtedly helps us to sleep even better. 

For example, down retains more heat so whilst it works well in winter, it’s not such a great material to use during hotter weather. Cool crisp summer bedding is the way forward and there have been so many advances that there’s even climate control and temperature sensitive bedding nowadays. 

So, the answer to all of this is that you could consider swapping out pillows during winter and summer and using a more suitable alternative, especially if you’re a fan of using denser, warmer materials and fillings during winter. The best idea though is to invest in a temperature control pillow, which can do the job for you and be used all year round but don’t forget to wash it regularly and of course, change for a new one every 1-2 years!

If you suffer from neck pain however, you may want to consider a support pillow. These pay special attention to supporting the sleeper’s neck and upper back whilst they’re resting. The type of sleeper you are – back, side or front, may determine your pillow preference. For example, if you sleep on your front, you may prefer a thinner pillow whereas those that sleep on their back or side, need to have the natural curve of the neck supported. Get the right pillow support and there’s less need to change between seasons.


The Best Pillows for Summer

We love the Smart Temperature Pillow, offering medium support and made from 200TC cotton. It’s the perfect pillow for summertime because it uses innovative Activated Cooling™ technology that works via a two-step thermoregulation system. A cooling sensation is offered at the first sign of moisture. Not only that, but it can also sense an increase in body temperature. This cutting-edge cooling system mimics the body’s natural cooling mechanism, so once a unique cooling effect is activated, moisture evaporates. When the body reaches its ideal temperature, the cooling effect eases so that you don’t get too cold. 

If you love the cool side of your pillow, but get fed up turning it over, the Cool Touch Pillow is for you. Intelligently blended with Smartfil® clusters and ProCool® fibres, these disperse heat and moisture, keeping the user cool all night long. ProCool® also helps to wick away moisture which further enhances the cooling effect and creates the perfect micro-climate for a restful, restorative sleep.     

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June 21, 2021 — Sleep Expert