This winter, find comfort and warmth wherever you decide to rest. Like every winter the days get shorter, and before you know it, it will start to be dark by 5 pm. But this year keeping warm is essential. The right duvet will help to keep you cosy and comfortable, without having to put the heating on.

At the Fine Bedding Company, we want every aspect of your sleep to be comfortable and easy for you. That is why our coverless duvet is the perfect addition to your routine, you don’t have to stress about making the bed when you strip the sheets before work and forget about it when you go to get into bed that evening. You simply have to pop a sheet on the mattress and chuck the duvet in place.

Did someone say clean and fresh bedding in under five minutes? Yes, we did!

As well as the convenience you will want a warm duvet this winter. That is why adjusting your nighttime routine and the duvet you use will help to keep the heating turned down this year.

How To Stay Warm During Winter

Staying warm every winter is a priority, but this year things and situations are different with the cost-of-living crisis. People are having to make decisions and sacrifices that they never expected to have to make in 2022. But there are ways you can stay warm and turn your heating down for longer.

Layers! Layers! Layers!

It sounds simple but make sure you wrap up warm and wear your dressing gown around the house as well as your slippers. A lot of people see that it is cold outside and naturally go to turn the heating up but as human beings in well-built houses, you can keep warm without having to do this.

Don’t Let Any Warmth Escape

When you are in a room keep the door and curtains closed, this will help to keep all the heat in the room without it escaping. Then you can warm yourself with a hot cup of tea and a hot water bottle. You will be toasty and cosy during the colder months and will hopefully save money on your heating bill.

Don’t Overlook The Greatness Of A Good Blanket!

When you are getting cosy in front of the tv, keep warm and use our Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet. Yes, this is made for when you go on your fun camping trips but this year is all about practicality and comfort, the super-soft and fluffy Sherpa fleece lining will keep you warm when the evenings get a little cooler.

The Best Duvet For A Peaceful Night's Sleep


The Night Owl Coverless Duvet is the perfect year-round, warm duvet, with a 10.5 tog that will keep you cosy during the upcoming colder months. Choose comfort as well as convenience, no more having to wrestle with the duvet and the cover to get the corners perfectly aligned.

This coverless duvet will have your bed made in a matter of seconds and you can keep it fresh during winter as it is quick and easy to wash and dry. The latest addition to the Night Owl family is an ideal solution for those wanting an even more premium feel to the coverless duvet.

Goose Down Duvet

A re-imagination of the traditional duvet, the Night Owl natural cotton waffle comes complete with its own 100% pure BCI cotton cover, meaning you’ll never need to grapple with a duvet cover again. A soft, plain sustainably sourced cotton reverse with a textured waffle top makes for both comfort and practicality.

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November 10, 2022 — Sleep Expert