When it comes to the perfect gift, you could go down many different avenues. Do they like food? Alcohol? Clothes? It can be hard to purchase the right gift.

Now we all know that money can’t buy happiness, but do you know what it can buy? Comfort! This year why not buy the perfect bedding gifts for all of your loved ones?

At the Fine Bedding Company, we create the finest, most luxurious bed linens, pillows and duvet sets that make going to sleep feel like every night is Christmas. In this article, we will show the perfect bedding Christmas gifts for you to purchase this year.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Kids

What can you buy children that already have everything? Well, we have a few ideas for you!

The Night Owl Coverless Duvets are the ideal gift for children, as they are comfortable, and practical. Make bedtime the best time by style and convenience. The coverless duvet is also soft and surprisingly lightweight, helping your little one stay snug all night long.

Also, you won’t mind them camping with them in the garden or on the sofa under a pillow fort. The duvets are filled with our innovative Smartfil® microfibre technology to deliver comfort but also practicality. The microfibre makes them easy to clean and most importantly, fast drying which is essential in the winter months.

Choose from:

Night Owl Junior Children’s Grey Coverless Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Night Owl Junior Children’s Reversible Coverless Duvet and Pillowcase Set. It comes in two options, Rose Mist Pink / Grey and Night Sky Blue / Grey.

We also have the Night Owl Junior Children’s Silk Eye Mask And Scrunchie Set that will make your little one feel like a grown-up with the ideal nighttime accessories.

This luxuriously soft set is made from 100% pure mulberry silk which is gentle on the skin and the eye mask helps to create a relaxing sleep environment so they can calmly drift off to sleep, and the coordinating scrunchie will help to keep their hair in place throughout the night and save precious time from combing hair in the morning before school.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Her

Goose Down Duvet

Silk is the way to a woman's heart, as it can protect their hair from breakage and their skin from ageing!

The perfect cushion gifts are our Boutique Silk Pillows. These premium pillows are packed full of advanced Smartfil® fibres which are blended with the finest silk for the ultimate natural indulgence.

The pillow is luxuriously soft with a cotton blend and stripe design and will bring style and luxury into anyone’s bedroom.

Gift the set and get the Boutique Silk Duvet, to turn their bedroom into an opulent hideaway. This luxury silk bedding also features our sleep-inducing blend of advanced Smartfil® fibres and pure silk, to give you the best night’s rest.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Family

This Christmas gift something for the whole family to enjoy! When it’s time for the family to snuggle up and watch a movie, they all can get under a throw and get cosy together. Our Green Throw with Pom Poms is great for this as it is a versatile colour and extremely soft!

When it comes to getting a present that the whole family will enjoy, why not gift them our Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet. They can take this with them on camping holidays, road trips, a picnic in the park or family fun under the stars-it allows them to experience the comfort of the indoors, outdoors.This water-resistant outdoor fleece blanket is the perfect companion for all of their outdoor and camping adventures.

The Outdoor Duvet is both water repellent and stain-resistant, so there is no stress when the little ones have a bit too much fun and spill their drink or walk their muddy boots on it!


A family sleeping bag is the perfect luxurious essential gift that they can use for all occasions whether that is on a camping or caravan holiday or a good old fashioned sleepover. Our Night Owl Sleeping Bag combines the familiar comfort of a duvet with the convenience and practicality of a sleeping bag, the 3-in-1 can be used as a double or two singles with wrapped round comfort.

This sleeping bag is also topped with a fabric finish, so they will feel like they are sleeping in their bed at home, wherever they are.

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November 17, 2022 — Sleep Expert