Is your little one getting too hot in bed? If they are struggling to regulate their body temperature when they sleep, it might be worth considering the tog that you use for your child’s duvet to help them get the perfect night’s sleep. Sleep is crucial for the development of your child and we at The Fine Bedding Company think it's important that parents know what to consider when purchasing a child’s duvet and pillow set. 

Why Is It Important For Your Child to Get the Best Night's Sleep?

As adults, we appreciate a restful night’s sleep, but so do children. For kids to maintain healthy development, they need on average nine to eleven hours of sleep a night. Sleep gives children the energy they need to learn and play, which are two important factors in children becoming the best little people they can be. A lack of sleep can result in issues like stress, irritability and a lack of focus. This can lead to other physiological issues down the line.

What Tog Duvet Should Kids Have?

As all children are born different, so are their duvet requirements. Children under the age of 12 months mustn’t use a duvet because of the risk of overheating and suffocation. If your child is like a hot water bottle you might want to go with a duvet that has a really low tog rating. This will allow your child to stay cool, giving them a well-rested sleep. However, some of us might have children that get cold during the night, so a duvet with a higher tog rating will help your little ones stay well insulated and cosy. Your child’s duvet will need to change to adapt to the temperatures by the season. In the winter, we recommend that you choose a child duvet that is around the 7.5 tog rating because this will allow them to stay warm and comfortable. However, in the summer the 7.5 tog child’s duvet will be too much for them, so we recommend that you switch them to a child’s duvet that is around 4.5 tog. This will help with maintaining optimum body temperature in the summer heat.

Child Duvets for Allergy Sufferers

Children develop all sorts of allergies so it's important that you choose a child’s duvet that is sensitive to their body. As children need a lot of sleep we need to make sure that they don’t suffer any breathing or skin-related allergies. If your child is sensitive to dust, it might be worth investing in a Spundown anti-allergy duvet. The Spundown duvet is home washable at 60 degrees, which kills dust mites that cause sneezing and breathing difficulties. Even when washed at high temperatures, the duvet maintains its shape and fluffiness wash after wash due to its SmartfilTM technology. The Spundown anti-allergy duvet comes in different togs that are suitable for kids. These include summer (4.5 tog), summer (7 tog), spring/autumn (10.5 tog) and winter (13.5 tog).

Our spundown duvet is anti allergenic

Maintenance of Your Child’s Duvet

Goose Down Duvet

It’s important that you keep your child duvet and pillowcases clean to help them achieve a night of comfortable sleep. It may be worth considering investing in an easy to clean duvet such as Night Owl Coverless Duvet. These duvets offer coverless, home washable and quick-drying solutions to your child’s bedding needs. Also, the duvets are machine washable and dry within 90 mins.


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March 18, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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