Embarking on your journey to be more sustainable at home can be daunting, and it may be difficult to know where to begin! But starting an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't necessarily have to mean only eating vegetables or riding your bike everywhere. It can be a simple matter of making small changes, one step at a time. 

These small changes may not seem like they are making a big difference, but if we all worked together,  we could make a considerable saving in the collective carbon footprint. Here, at The Fine Bedding Company, the vision for a sustainable future is the heart of the business. That's why we have shared five easy ways to be sustainable at home. Read on to find out more. 

5 Easy Ways to Be Sustainable At Home

Use Less Energy 

Are you guilty of leaving the lights on all day? An easy way to be sustainable at home is to change your energy consumption habits. Not only will this limit environmental impact, but it also saves money for you! Simply unplugging electrical devices such as TVs, laptops, and Microwaves or keeping lights off during the daytime can reduce your energy use to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Did you know? Cumulatively, an average household's electricity consumption is 15% of total usage! Another great way to save energy is to replace any inefficient light bulbs with LED light bulbs, which last 20-25 times longer to reduce your energy use massively.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is number one of our list of easy ways to be sustainable at home. Using reusable products as a replacement for your everyday disposable items is another easy way to be sustainable, and there are plenty of options. From reusable straws to reusable bottles which reduce plastic waste and help save the planet. Last year, at The Fine Bedding Company, 38% of the polyester used in our products came from recycled products, and we recycle 98% of our factories waste.

Create A Sustainable Home (Including Bedding) 

The way we decorate our homes can have a huge impact on the planet. Many products are made unsustainably with huge carbon-emitting transport costs. There are numerous easy ways to be sustainable at home by considering eco-friendly homeware. Upcycling current furniture, buying unique handmade local homeware products or products made using sustainable materials are all easy ways to be more sustainable at home. 

Crafted in our award-winning Eco Factory, the Eco-Duvet is one of the most sustainable duvets you could buy from the manufacturing stage to the finished product. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Eco Duvet is transformed from plastic waste (that would otherwise end up in landfill) into a luxuriously soft, light and fluffy duvet. In fact, it takes approximately 120 bottles to make up a 10.5 tog double duvet. This luxurious, lofty and breathable duvet will make you sleep easy while knowing you have minimised your environmental impact; a comfy and easy way to be sustainable at home - bonus! 

eco duvet

Plant Your Own Garden

It is easy to plant your garden full of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. By planting your sustainable garden, there will be no harmful and environmentally damaging products - it also cuts out emissions from transporting produce to supermarkets. This means you can reduce your environmental impact, while also enjoying your new produce garden. 

You can quickly grow onions, potatoes, carrots, radishes, runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries and all sorts of herbs. Gardening is an easy way to be sustainable at home while also being able to have the rewards of a fresh fruit and vegetable garden to make delicious dishes in your kitchen.

Resell and Donate

If you no longer need an item, it is essential to remember that it probably has a life after your use. There are so many ways to extend a product's life, such as reselling or donating items instead of throwing them into the rubbish, ending up in landfill and creating unnecessary greenhouse emissions. The UK produces 31 million tonnes of waste a year but this can easily be reduced by reselling or donating unwanted items. An easy way to be sustainable and reduce this impact is to simply resell clothing or other items through one of the multiple selling platforms, or even better donating it to charity. If you have unwanted bedding, why not donate to your local animal shelter? 

Selling unwanted items will prevent them from entering landfill, resulting in less resource use and waste, less pollution, and an overall positive impact on the environment. 

December 30, 2020 — Sleep Expert
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