Whether you have a child or a pre-teen, having a good bedtime routine can make all the difference. But what happens when this gets skewed? In fact, the holiday festivities have been and gone, and they have most likely caused everyone to forget their regular daily routine. Especially during this time, getting the kids back into their usual night time routines can be the most stressful thing of the new year. How do you make getting into bed the most appealing and the most exciting thing in the world to 5-year-olds? We have popped our three top tips below on how to get the kids back into a bedtime routine in the new year. 

Easing Wake-up Times and Bedtimes

Getting your child's bedtime routine back on track isn't going to be easy! In order to get your child to go to bed earlier, the first thing to try and do is fix their wake-up time. If they have been staying up later during the holidays, the likelihood is that they will also be waking up later. Gradually work your way to waking them up earlier and earlier, until they return to their usual wake-up time. This will also mean that your child will get tired earlier in the evening, encouraging them to sleep earlier and get back on track with their night time routine.

Having Comfortable Bedding for Your Child 

One of the most important things to help get your child back into their night time routine is the comfort of their bed. No one wants to lie in a bed that isn't warm and cosy, especially during the winter months. Children's needs are very different to adults when it comes to duvets as their little bodies can't regulate heat as effectively as adults can. This means that they can overheat much more than we do. As such, we recommend our Night Owl in 4.5g tog, which is lightweight, easy to move and snug enough for your kids - even in the winter months.

The Night Owl duvet is soft, made of lightweight fibre fill, perfect for creating a snug, relaxing bed for your child. This child-friendly duvet comes with its super softcover, available in a range of your favourite colours. And the best part is, you won't have to fight with that separate duvet cover every time you change it! To clean, all you need to do is simply pop the Night Owl duvet in the washing machine, and it dries in about an hour and a half; easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Your child bedtime routines have just got easier.

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Reducing Screen Time before Bed

Getting to sleep often requires effort. However, the body's natural sleep-causing hormones are often negatively impacted by the things we do right before bed. One of those factors is exposure to artificial light, specifically phone screens, TV screens, or any digital device type. If your child has been watching TV right before their bedtime routine, they most likely will not sleep because of this. Make sure to limit their screen time up to 1-2 hours before bed to help.

Not only should you limit their screen time before bed, but also try to have your child complete a series of activities that they will link with going to sleep and their bedtime routine. These include taking a shower or having a bath, brushing their teeth and washing their face, getting into pyjamas, and perhaps reading a book for a little while in bed until they feel sleepy. An effective night time routine will, therefore, help ease them to sleep.

Other Tips

Although having a great night time structure is important, sometimes your child will simply not listen (we've been there!), especially if the other people around them don't seem to be doing the same thing. Try and have the other members of your household to also promote getting to sleep by at least taking part in the night time routine. 

We hope this has given you a few tips on how to get the kids back into a bedtime routine. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle that helps with better sleeping habits will benefit you - and your child- in the long run. Getting back into it can be tricky, but trust us, it will be worth the consistency.

December 28, 2020 — Sleep Expert